Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Important Information For Minnesota and The Entire Country



These VIDEOS will help you understand some key points.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

COWBOY POKER, BANKING & YOU. Hint: You're a Cowboy.


Here Is How It Works. Please Follow Along.
1. Four cowboys in a room want to play poker. They will represent our economy. They have no chips; the chips represent money.

2. There is only one other person in the room. That person sets all the rules on poker chips; we'll call him the "banker". The banker wears a fine suit to give the illusion of legitimacy. The banker has special "attributes" - he has decided that he can create poker chips out of nothing more than the cowboy's "word" and some "collateral". Only the banker is allowed to create chips and he can create an unlimited amount. The banker charges the cowboys 10% interest on all chips created and borrowed for the game. The banker olny creates and loans chips when a cowboy pledges "collateral" to the banker; the banker keeps the collateral should the cowboy not be able to pay the interest charges incured by playing. There is a one hour limit to each game.

3. The Cowboys want chips with which to play poker; so each brings in their collateral:
a saddle / a 6-shooter / a horse / a pair of new boots

4. The banker takes their word or "promise to pay" and creates 10 chips for each cowboy. The chips are a loan.

5. Four cowboys = 40 chips created. Forty chips are in existence and ONLY forty chips. Yet, 44 are due.

NOTE: Before the first card is even dealt, there are 44 chips owed and only 40 to pay with. Think that point through. Think about what that means. Think about what is about to happen. Only 40 chips exist; yet, 44 are due.

6. The game begins. An hour later, at least one cowboy loses big and it's time to pay the banker.

7. One cowboy has no chips. Three cowboys pay the banker back the chips that they "borrowed". Each of the three cowboys who can pay, use the winnings from the "loser" to pay their interest due. One cowboy only has 11 chips, but at least he can pay off his debt. Another cowboy has 12 chips and he can pay the 11 owed and keep one chip for himself. The big winner has 17 chips and can keep 6 of them after paying the banker.

8. All the cowboys look at the one who lost and call him a bad poker player, or unlucky, or worse, and make a mental note to charge him more for pasture land, next season, seeing he is such a bad money manager. They will tell their friends too.

9. The "loser"? Well, the loser has no chips left. He lost it all. Then, the banker says he's sure sorry that things turned out that way, but he will have to take possession of the new boots that were put up for collateral. In addition, the banker informs him that he will no longer lend chips to him because he is a bad risk and has no collateral.

10. The other three cowboys want to play again because, well, it was fun and that's what cowboys do! They are so greedy that they will step over their friend who has just been scammed in a fraudulent transaction, in hopes of selfish gain, ignore the fact that they will end up just like him as the game continues and join others in treating him differently because they see themselves as "successful" instead of the easy marks that they have made themselves. So, the banker lends more chips and the losers furnish interest for the winners. This continues until the bank owns everything, closes down the game and puts all of his chips away.

The banker worked with no cattle, branded no bulls, shod no horses, did not sleep on the open plains, did not ride in the rain, did not help birth a calf, was not away from his family; he did no work. No, he only conjured up a scam, worthy of a carnival midway and tricked otherwise hard working cowboys to VOLUNTARILY give up their wealth by engaging in that scam. If the cowboys ever figured it out, would they be angry? Is this type of scam a fair medium of exchange for the cowboys and their families? The above example has very little to do with poker playing and everything to do with the banker's scam.

You are the cowboy. You are being scammed. Look at the headlines. The entire planet is being scammed by these criminal bankers. They create no wealth - yet the own everything! Why? It's not because they have the money to lend you - they do not. They simply make it up, each and every time they make a loan. They own everything because you are not paying attention and are not willing to stop listening to the "professional" peddlers of misinformation. For goodness sake, think about it: when a bank makes a $10 loan it creates the $10 in new money but where does the $1 to pay interest come from? They never create that. Answer? It comes from record bankruptcies; people losing everything so that the scam can continue. In addition, counterfeiting and money laundering prop up the economy by becoming money that enters the system but does not get paid back to the bankers because it is not a loan; it therefore becomes available for someone to capture in commerce and pay their interest.

It's the simplest of math: before the first card is dealt, in the above example, their is more debt than chips to pay. Likewise, as we use debt for money, borrowing every dollar into existence (not a function of our economy, but a function of banking), allowing banks to create unlimited loan principal but never any interest due, THERE IS ALWAYS MORE DEBT THAN OUR ABILITY TO PAY. This FORCES us to borrow to pay interest.

It cannot work.

So. Change it.

But first you'll need to understand it. You will have to catch on to the banker's scam. You will NEVER catch on as long as you listen to the so-called "experts" in the media. If these people did not sing from a banker approved sheet of music, their banker funded directors would yank them off the stage. Even most "alternative" sources are tainted with large amounts of misinformation.

This blog is a great resource. Reading it from the beginning, you will find out that gold is NOT the answer. Instead, the answer is to monetize a value added infrastructure rebuild in each state in the U.S. Mandate American workers and American materials. Bam! No unemployment. No debt. A rebuilt infrastructure and it can be implemented immediately with existing financial and bidding infrastructure.

There is one easy, quick, monetarily, financially and Constitutionally sound remedy: Monetize the Production of a Value Added Infrastructure Rebuild

Here's the bill that could do it: THE SOLUTION

Monday, September 19, 2011

Get Rid of the Problem. Embrace the Solution.


A Comment on Their

This article is just more false assumption, misconception and misinformation. How many parrots does it take to make something true? Sheeesh. The gobbledygook is almost unbearable.

Some Things To Know

1. Now, we monetize debt. There is no money unless there is first borrowing from a private commercial bank. For money to exist in the first place, someone, somewhere in the system, has to borrow it into existence. That means, somewhere in the equation is an "instrument of debt" - that means a loan. Government/business/personal debt creates "money" or "liquidity".

2. Now, we use debt for money. No debt, no money.

3. There are 2 inherent problems with using debt for money:

A) The "Interest"

At the creation of the new debt, only the principal amount is created, never the amount due as interest. All money is debt (or evidence of debt); therefore all money is loan principal. Interest is too. This is so simple it repels the mind, and yet, it's true. That means NO money is available to pay interest EXCEPT someone else's loan principal. Interest, in the system, gets paid with someone else's loan principal. That's unworkable.

Additionally, the cost of borrowing, (unpayable) interest or debt service, is rolled into the cost of doing business - that's the true cause of inflation; not too much money.

B) The "Principal"

When a loan payment is made, the principal amount is zeroed off the books. It was created as a loan; it gets zeroed off once paid. In the words of the Federal Reserve from its own publication "Purpose and Function", the principal payment is "extinguished". That means that there is a constant draw on the system in at least the exact amount as all of the principal payments made, each month. That's why we can't get this thing fixed by borrowing. It is the borrowing that is the problem and it's the interest causing the inflation, drop in the dollar and flight to slave labor that takes jobs out of the country borrowing the most. Such obvious nonsense.

These two things combine to make an unworkable system, no matter whom you point the finger at - Keynes, von Mises, Friedman or Greenspan - it makes no difference.

Bailouts = borrowing first

"Stimulus" = borrowing first

Spending = borrowing first

Taxes = paid from money someone borrowed first

Austerity programs = economic strangulation because of the draw on the economy made by extinguishing principal payments. This can only lead to record bankruptcies and wreckage.

The debt money system is unworkable. Soon, we will not be able to pay the interest alone, and mathematically, we can never pay back all of the debt. The level of indebtedness goes way beyond the "National Debt" - Business and Private debt exceed that by a great deal. Why, including the unfunded pensions ($90 Trillion according to the Dallas Federal Reserve) and derivatives ($600 Trillion+) - that alone can never be paid. The GWP (Gross World Product) is around $70 Trillion. The entire world could not pay off our debt! So, we push it down the road, dress it up and hope that someone comes up with the magic formula. We should be asking, how the most productive country in history, a sovereign nation with the ability to create its own money (Article 1, Section 8, U.S. Constitution) owns anyone anything!

Psychologically, you may not be able to see this because even the idea of it may be a "threat" to you; you were not informed by any institution that you still value, that it works this way. So, break your conditioning and open your eyes to the obvious truth: You cannot borrow yourself out of debt.

Also unworkable? Gold. There is not enough of it to run a global economy and there is nothing to stop the banks from buying it all up - then you'd have to borrow it from them anyway. Same thing. You need debt free money. And frankly, debt free money that can produce jobs. Isn't that right? Do we or don't we need jobs? Then, with all of this false talk about "thinking outside the box", why don't you try it once?

Let's see.

The solution to debt is wealth - would you agree? We need a wealth-based system that is tied to production (noninflationary) that benefits everyone. Here's the phrase that holds the solution: "Monetize the Production of a Value Added Infrastructure Rebuild". Roads / bridges / sewer systems / dams / levies / ports / transportation systems / energy - all need to be rebuilt. You know we need that. You know we need the jobs. Minnesota has a bill before its House and Senate to do just that. Go find Minnesota Senate File 65. There's your solution. Jobs? Yes. Debt free? Yes. Inflation free? Yes. No new taxes? Yes. Implemented overnight using the same infrastructure (RFP bid process, electronic banking infrastructure, etc. All the same.) Yes. Why, even the banks will benefit as people can pay off their debts! No more bailouts!

Solutions are easy when you are not married to the problem.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why Are We Short Of Money? Why?


The World Economy Trembles
Because Every Nation Is Short Of Money.


Money Is The Easiest Thing In The World To Create.
It Is Done On a Computer.
Type It In. Press enter.
That Is, In Fact, How They Do It Now.
But, They Only Do It As A Loan.
Because You Let Them.
That's Stupid.
Don't Be Stupid.
You Can't Borrow Yourself Out Of Debt.

In The United States, You Do Not Have To Settle For
Banker Created Debt.
There Is The Solution To This Economic Crisis.

1. Pass This Bill on a State Level. It Can Be Done State By State.
2. By Law, Require That The Federal Reserve Buy Back All Outstanding Government Debt.
3. In A Single Step, Audit and then Close Down The Federal Reserve, Place It and Its Member Banks Under Permanent Control Of The United States Congress (Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution), Change The Letters On Top Of Our Money To Read: "UNITED STATES CURRENCY" instead of Federal Reserve Note and Outlaw The Practice Of Central Bank Created Debt Money.

Step 1 will introduce wealth based money into every single State, directly fund a "Value Added Infrastructure Rebuild", nearly eliminate unemployment, repair our crumbling infrastructure, restore our economy and make the U.S. Dollar the strongest currency in the World.
Step 2 will pay our creditors and eliminate the national debt.
Step 3 will stop the fraud and theft by deception carried out by the Federal Reserve Bank and return the U.S. to Constitutionally sound Wealth Based Money.

It's so simple. Stop letting the bankers con you.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.


Money that did not get created in a debt transaction.
And, you DO need a robust and safe infrastructure.

Think about it:
If the banks are the only ones who create money,
and you have to give it back to them (loan payments) - two things happen.

1st. You have to give it back!! You never get to keep it in exchange for goods/services. In the aggregate (combined picture) you do the work, but can't keep the money.
2nd. If the banks are the only ones allowed to create money, and then only as a loan, in the aggregate, you have to borrow to pay interest!
IMPOSSIBLE to get out of debt.
Nothing should be more clear,
especially with all this talk of raising the debt ceiling.
Why would a sovereign government with the
Constitutional authority to create money, borrow a dime?

In the U.S., Congress has the power to coin or create money and regulate its value.

U.S. Constitution

The Congress shall have Power ...

To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof...

So Do It!!


If Congress does not, States can use this Bill to, almost overnight,
rebuild their economies.
There is no Constitutional requirement that States be limited to
Bank Created Debt Money.

Pass The Bill Into Law.
Enforce The Law.

If you want a solution.
This is it.
It's ready to go.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Myths & Falsehoods Exposed

MYTH: The Federal Reserve prints too much money.
TRUTH: The Federal Reserve prints none.
Besides, just ask yourself this - "if they're printing all this money, why is the Government in debt?"

ANSWER: The Government borrows the money from the private Federal Reserve, when it SHOULD BE creating its own money - DEBT FREE!! See Article 1, Section 8, U.S. Constitution

MYTH: Too much money makes your money worth less.

TRUTH: Even if that were true (it's not), the value could go to ZERO and you still would not be in debt. And if it were true, then you should set fire to all of your money except for $1 and you'd be rich!!

QUESTION: Where is the debt coming from?!?!?

ANSWER: It's what we use for money - debt!

QUESTION: Isn't that an unworkable system, forcing the American People and Government to borrow, going deeper into debt, just to have a medium of exchange?





Thursday, March 31, 2011

Too Much Money is NOT The Cause of Hyperinflation!

Almost Every Phony Expert Says That Too Much Money is the Cause of Eventual Hyperinflation.

It's a Banker's Lie.

If there is hyperinflation, THIS will be the beginning of its cause!

Hyperinflation occurs when banks raise the interest rates into unpayable territory - mid to high triple digits. They do this knowingly and by design in order to CAUSE hyperinflation and crash an economy. Then they buy up the assets at pennies on the dollar, thereby consolidating control.

Argentina, Zimbabwe, Greece.

And scores of other countries have experienced it first-hand.

Banks do near zero physical labor, lend phantom digits that they have convinced the public is "money" that belongs to the bank and that the public must trade actual labor for. A wicked lie.

Yes is could happen here - it IS happening here, if you do not get educated on how debt money works, you will not even know what's wrong, let alone how to fix it. Their robbery will be near effortless.

The "too much money" lie can be easily understood once you understand what happens to principal payments when a loan payment is made. They are EXTINGUISHED from circulation.

So, everyone who made a payment on a mortgage, a car, a student loan, a credit card or other loan - the principal amount of their payment has been written off the books as "paid". It entered the system as a loan and it got zeroed out when payment was made. Gone. It no longer exists in the system. You can't "work" for it - it no longer exists. That means that the supply of (debt-based) money is not growing as fast as the debt. It's not too much money but too much debt that is the problem. This truth is so simple that it repels the mind.

If banks raise the interest rates "because there is too much money" or "they are printing too much money" - a really big lie - and they think that all that awful money in the system will lead to hyperinflation, the heightened interest rates get factored into the cost of doing business, not unlike higher fuel prices cause a general rise in prices. So "debt service" or interest due on debt causes the cost of doing business to rise. Prices rise along with the rise in interest rates - it's a "cost of doing business".

If the banks tell a big enough lie and fully bring out the hyperinflation "boogie man" - the headlines will read something like, "Banks Raise Interest Rates to Unprecedented Levels to Combat Hyperinflation". THAT will trigger hyperinflation - it's a function of the banks raising rates. But NOT "too much money".

In fact, if money is "final payment" (as it should be, but now is not), then we have NO money in the system because all we have is debt, not final payment. There is NO SUCH THING AS DEBT FREE MONEY IN THE U.S. Someone may try to argue that coin is debt free, but you cannot buy any of it unless you use debt-based money. So, in the aggregate, the statement stands as true.

Read further on this blog to find the solution. You won't have to look far.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is Utah Making The Right Choice?

Great. Now Everyone's a Gold Miner.

Here are some problems with this well meaning bill:
1. It limits the people to gold and silver, rather than the principals that make gold and silver work - namely that you do not have to borrow it for it to exist as a medium of exchange, just work for it. If the bill gets signed then the only way to have a debt free medium of exchange, is to mine some more gold. It would be better to use infrastructure than gold - same principals, much better outcome.
2. There is not enough gold to to run the economy.
3. As more gold flows to Utah, the price will trend up as demand goes up. Then, presumably more people will get into gold mining, to meet the growing demand and "cash in" on the next big gold rush - especially if the idea is enacted in other areas.
4. Banks will buy up the gold with their unlimited "checkbook money" causing the price to go even higher.
5. Banks will also buy up more of the mines they do not already own and eventually will price fix and create scarcity - like they did in Zimbabwe. Like they always do.
6. The people will STILL be dependant on the banks and MANY will slip deeper into poverty. Again, see Zimbabwe.
7. A GREAT opportunity will be missed, to shed this fanatic religiosity over gold and the "gold standard", that people don't really understand anyway, and to move to "wealth based money" using the same principals as gold, while allowing a rebuilding of America's infrastructure, jobs for anyone who wants one and a cleaner, more just society. Missed.
Gold is not the answer. Wealth based money is.


Thursday, February 17, 2011


The Technology Is Here!!

Funded by:

  • Debt Free, Value Added Infrastructure Rebuild!
  • Rebuild our ENTIRE ECONOMY.
  • ONE Simple Change.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011



We Now Have a House File!
These VIDEOS will help you understand some key points.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SENATE FILE 65 - The Most Important Legislation in 100 Years!




Spread the word.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

So Simple Even a Cartoon Can Do It!

Part 1


Coming Soon: PART 3

Friday, January 14, 2011

American Infrastructure gets a "D".




Our economy is in shambles.

Our infrastructure is failing - literally falling out from underneath us.

We have a solution.

We have a sponsor for our bill this session.

Will you help us?

Will you help - YOU?

Email to find out how you can help: moneyaswealth@gmail.com

I Told You They Were Coming...


I Told You They Were Coming For Your Retirement!

This from a former Minnesota Governor who has heard of
The Minnesota Economic Recovery Act, in its earlier evolutions.

You chose.

But there is a simple solution.
By passing The Minnesota Economic Recovery Act, the State would be able to grow it's economy out of this situation without going deeper into debt and without raising taxes.
Many thousands of jobs would be created and there would be a green technology boom that would benefit people around the world!
Think outside your cage.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Solution

The solution is a value added infrastructure rebuild, using direct funding with newly created, debt free money.
Think about it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why The "Experts" Don't Get It.

"If I Only Had a Brain."

Here's why the "experts" don't get it.
1. They parrot and don't investigate or think.
a. Blame the university economics education and the media reinforcement of a false paradigm.
2. They miss key points
a. Principal is extinguished when a loan payment is made.
1) That means whenever you, anyone, or all of us make a loan, credit card, student loan, mortgage payment, money is removed from the system - a draw or vacuum in the economy. If nothing is done, the system will run totally dry. That's why they are so busy making the bailouts, stimulus programs and Quantitative Easing - to get more money into the system.
2) Therefore, their assumptions that "more money in the economy makes the existing money worth less" is faulty. It's NOT more money that is the enemy, it's more debt.
b. In the U.S., there is no such thing as debt free money. All new money is created as a loan.
c. No money to pay interest is created when the loan principal is created.

If the "expert" you are listening to says any of these things they are mislead, ill-educated or deliberately lying to you: 1. "Printing money" 2. "Out of thin air" 3. "Devalue the currency" 4. "Hyperinflation and Germany".
Anything they say after that is suspect.

1. "Printing money" is of little significance since, today, nearly all money is electronic and the Federal Reserve does not "print money".
2. "Out of thin air" - New money is made when a loan is made or a bond transaction occurs. Nearly every time, these transactions are based on a a "promise to pay" or a mortgage of real property. It's not just semantics - usually what these people say after "out of thin air" is drastically misguided.
3. "Devalue the Currency" - hard to devalue it beyond "zero", but they have been for nearly 100 years. It's worse than zero, it's into negative numbers! If, in order for you to have $10, there must be $11 in debt, there is agreed upon, imaginary value, but no wealth value. Instead, it's debt. A negative number.
+ <- 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10 -11 -> -

4. Hyperinflation is cause by banks not by too much money. In Germany the banks arbitrarily raised the interest rates to 900%. It it an act of economic warfare. Combined with misinformation, the masses never catch on. They only get their wealth and labor confiscated by the very ones manipulating the rates and crying about how they are so damaged financially, when they in fact, create money as a bookkeeping entry - just numbers that never existed before the loan was made.

What we need is a wealth-based monetary system.
It's as easy as passing a simple accounting change into law.
That's it!
Here is a copy of the BILL that could fix the economy: THE FIX


Tuesday, November 9, 2010



Like I Have Been Saying, They Are Either Incompetent, Or Liars - You Pick.

- Paul Volcker, Former Fed Chair and Top Advisor to President Obama

Friday, November 5, 2010

What You Need to Ask About the $600 Billion


Where Did It Come From?

A. The money comes from "people's savings".
B. The Federal Reserve makes up the "money" by typing numbers into a computer.

Where did it come from?
If they can make "money" to loan (buying Treasury Securities is the U.S. taking out a loan, paid back by tax payers) then you can make it up to repair and replace our crumbling infrastructure.

The next thing they will do is jack up the price of oil, causing everything to rise in price and then blame the boogieman of inflation. It will be another incorrect diagnosis.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Over 200 Trillion!

$200 TRILLION!!!!

As I have posted many times on this blog, the real U.S. debt is
In this case, I really do hate to say I was right again.


Monday, October 25, 2010

2 Questions

Here are 2 very important questions for you. You should find the answers if you don't know them. If you don't, a third question might be why don't you know the answers. If you know the answers, many of the subsequent questions you should ask, will become obvious.

Here they are.

Q1: What is the total U.S. money supply (in M3)?
Q2: What is the total U.S. debt?


What's the total amount of money we have.
How much do we owe.

Total supply?
Total debt?

Think about it.
Get the answers.
Think some more.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Global Monetary Meltdown and HR 4646 - The "Transaction Fee".

Again, demonstrating how little they know about how the monetary system actually works, some elected "representative" has proposed a bill (HR 4646) that would charge a "fee" (read tax) on every single monetary transaction. Every single transaction - except for the ones that the bank does. They say that they would use the money to pay off the National Debt. The National debt is coming up in $14 Trillion - that's more than our entire money supply!! But wait. We use debt for money. Pay off all the debt and you will have NO MONEY in circulation! That is a fact.

You want to see a global financial meltdown? Then pass this crazy bill. They plan on paying off the National debt in seven years. This will literally vacuum the money out of the system in seven years. This proposed bill is a self destructive vortex of assured economic catastrophe the likes of which the world has never known.

Imagine sucking the entire U.S. money supply out of circulation in less than seven years. Imagine it! What does the world economy look like, then? You will never make it to the seven year mark. Food and energy production will stumble and then grind to a halt. I challenge you to think about what sorts of things would happen if food and energy production do that. Just think it over.

Pulling money out of circulation with this transaction fee and then zeroing that money out as it pays for the National debt would be like opening an artery on a dying patient - certain death. Money being the lifeblood of the economy, to drain it is to kill the economy. HR 4646 is an economy killer. Plain and simple.



Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Raising Interest Rates and The Abusive Cult.

Here's How It Works

Here's the scam. When interest rates are raised, merchants and businesses need to raise prices to pay their loans (that's called inflation). Who is in charge of raising interest rates? The banks. Banks should not be able to raise interest rates on computer generated digits. It should be considered economic terrorism, shouldn't it? Banks create "money" on a computer keyboard and then charge interest on it - nice scam, eh? Then banks arbitrarily raise the cost to borrow the electronic digits, requiring you to work harder to pay them! They create electronic digits, you pay with your life. Then they scream about how they are losing money! If that's not a scam, then there is no such thing.

Here are some things that need to be in place to perpetuate the scam:
1. Miss-education
Banks influence nearly all discussion on this topic by funding, through grants and foundations, of textbooks, universities and news sources. The result is everlasting confusion for everyone plugged in to this system. Your economists can't decipher the problem because they're pugged into the system. Your politicians can't decipher it because they are glorified salespeople and are interested in influence and not solutions - especially for you. Your "experts" can't decipher it because they are not experts at all, they just like to talk and be considered smart and important - somebody signs their paycheck to spread a certain set of ideas (like the lie of inflation being caused by too much money).

2. Your ignorance
The longer you follow after the common gobbledy-guk, tangle-town, pretzel logic nonsense put out by television, radio, the university system and the beloved "experts", the longer you will be dazzled by the banks slight of hand. The magician "makes" you believe because you are ignorant of their trick. The banks make you believe their religion because they have controlled the entire game board for centuries. You break the cycle of ignorance when you decide that you are done being financially raped and shut off the flow of bad information. Then, you have to think new thoughts - get correct information. You have to be willing to let go of your programming and conditioning and examine a new way. After all, what's the real risk in thinking? You can always return to the brainwashing, right? The system will welcome you with open arms. You are being deceived by the high priests of a wicked cult religion called banking. Think that's extreme? It's engulfed the entire planet, hasn't it? It has nearly 7 Billion people entrapped in its religious rules, outstripping Christianity, Islam and Judaism, combined. It's a false religion with its temples, its books, its evangelists and its mesmerized, abused, followers. Break your conditioning and expel the debt money thinking - it's cancerous.

3. Scare tactics and boogiemen
Borrowing. Taxing. Inflation!! Oh, my! Like some primitive witch-doctor, the banks jangle these boogiemen at you to keep you off balance and scared - continual crisis mode. Why do you continue to let them scare you?

Look, your retirement is gone or will be. Social Security is gone. Your property values have been cut in half in the last few years. You are hanging on, hoping for a better day, meanwhile, the banks have record profits. Still you put your faith in these banks, politicians and experts. Why? Because they have you scared of anything else. Scared. Why not fully examine and then compare a wealth based system? Scared. Scared you may lose! You have already lost. And, you will continue to lose. To believe in this "world banking system" is to lose. To be scared, is to lose. There is no "Wizard" only a man behind the curtain - the criminals in suits. And a small number of them at that. They're not the Machiavellian social supermen they think they are. They're cowardly, evil low-lifes who harm people for money. Criminal psychopaths. Their might extends to your fear - and no further. Stop being timid, scared and easily manipulated and work for a better way. The way out? You need a wealth based money system and you need to stop being scared of these criminals.

You can see so many parallels between an abusive cult and what is going on here. You know in your heart that you are being abused under this debt money system and yet, you go back - even defend it - just like in any abusing relationship. Sort of pathetic, wouldn't you say?

So, here's how it works: You are in a world-wide, abusive, cult-like financial system that feeds off ignorance and rattles the bones of their favorite boogiemen including their all-time favorite, inflation, to get you to cower, so that they can steal more from you.

Monday, September 20, 2010



Time For All Of You Bankers And Economist To Admit That Your Education Is Wholly Inadequate - Or That You Are In On The Scam. Theft By Deception.

1. You could not predict it.
2. You do not know how long it will last.
3. You are clueless when it comes to a solution.
4. That means you amount to nothing more than a high paid salesman.
5. You sell someone else's ideas and take money to harm the American People.

..."you can come up with rough orders of magnitude of the impact, but with quantitative easing there is so much uncertainty, you can't calculate it with any type of precision," said Dino Kos, former head of the New York Fed's markets group...

They don't know what they are doing, or they are stealing your country from under your nose. Which is acceptable to you?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Best Political Quote in Over 100 years!

"If men can create electronic bookkeeping entries representing debt and loan them into circulation, men can surely create electronic bookkeeping entries as a payment and spend them into circulation with no debt. Which do you prefer?"


- Gregory K. Soderberg, Rep. Candidate MN. Lt. Gov., 2010


Monday, September 6, 2010

Not True!

The phrase "Government calls for more spending" is misleading at best and at worst an outright lie and coordinated deception. It should be: "Government calls for more BORROWING!"

What is the Federal government suggesting -

Infrastructure Spending?
Infrastructure Borrowing.

It only puts us deeper into unpayable debt; don't we have enough of that already?



Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Monday, August 9, 2010

Critical Infrastructure

All of them depend on the electrical grid. The grid needs a "value added rebuild". This can be done, DEBT FREE, by monetizing the production of infrastructure. It's Constitutional, safe for the environment and non-fattening. So, do it already!

This is the type of bill that needs to get passed in your state to get the job done: THE BILL

The Cure


More For Freddie Mac?


Total of $64 Billion??
When You Get Sick Of The Lies, You Will Realize That Implementing a Wealth Based Money System, By Monetizing The Production of Infrastructure, Is The Only Way Out.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010



The Congressional Budget Office Says If We Don't
Change Something, We Are Headed For A Crisis.

Exquisite analysis boys!
I sure hope we are not paying them top dollar for that kind of forecasting.

Here's what they said:

Further increases in federal debt relative to the nation’s output almost certainly lie ahead if current policies remain in place.

Read The Report HERE

If debt will cause the crisis, ummm...
then let's change the debt based money system to a wealth based one.