Friday, March 6, 2009





The Banking Lobbyists at the MN State Capital


A Debate

At issue:
1. Do banks create money?
2. Is it possible for the United States to get out of debt, under a debt money system?
3. Can we borrow ourselves to prosperity?
4. Can you borrow so much that the interest due exceeds your ability to pay?

UPDATE - 3/20/09:
The lobbyists showed, tried to start an argument before the meeting - about the invitation.  No joke.  They sat and talked throughout the presentation, typed on their Blackberry, rolled their eyes and were generally rude.  Then they got up and left.  They would not speak.  They would not answer any questions.


If one could create money as a "promise to pay" (banks do) and influence an entire legislative committee with misinformation, just exactly how much power would they have?

Fair question, right?

Now, if one could do this with a single unelected lobbyist from the banking industry (it happened at YOUR State Capital, I saw it myself, I have the transcript) - how much freedom do YOU have?

You had better fight for what's right, or you will lose everything by default.

We can still fix this, but, you have to show up.

Lessons From History

What Can We Learn?

Every single nation, that has gotten involved with a debt money system, has met with ruin.
Yours can be no exception.

We must make a change.


Ambition: A strong desire to do or achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.

Greed: Willing to harm or destroy another, to get what you want.

The people of Minnesota, like the rest of the world, are surrounded by the greedy, the weak, the fearful, and the deceitful.  

The weak will stand by and do very little.
The fearful will be intimidated by the opposition.
The deceitful will sow lies and corrupt common sense.
Meanwhile, the greedy will destroy your country for profit. 

Do you stand by and do nothing?  Do you wait for some other American to do the work of Liberty?  You're up.  It's your turn. Who are you?  What will you DO?

If you simply "go with the flow" you will find yourself washed up downstream.  What are you personally doing to SECURE THE BLESSINGS OF LIBERTY TO OURSELVES AND OUR POSTERITY?

Only an ambition for LIFE, LIBERTY and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS - only an ambition for doing the right thing, can overcome the situation that we find ourselves in. 


We have made it easy for you to do something BIG.  
CLICK HERE to find out what you can DO.

Moses Receives GAAP


These rules, written in stone, were received from on high and can never be altered or changed for the benefit of the citizens of Minnesota... ever.

Wait.  Those are the 10 Commandments, not the GAAP.

Whew!  Well, it looks like, since the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles are not written in stone, and instead are man made, we can adjust them so that they work better for the people doing the work.  Don't you agree?