Thursday, January 29, 2009

109 A.D. - Roman Historian, Tacitus

Witten on The Financial "Crisis" in Rome. Note The Date.

"Credit Crisis"
Government Involvement
Lawsiuts and Foreclosures
Real Estate Crisis
Banks Not Lending
Big Drop in Housing Prices
Personal and Financial Ruin
Bank Bailout

Sound Familiar?
Read what a Roman Senator and historian wrote about the subject 1,900 years ago:

"Hence followed a scarcity of money, a great shock being given to all credit, the current coin too, in consequence of the conviction of so many persons and the sale of their property, being locked up in the imperial treasury or the public exchequer. To meet this, the Senate had directed that every creditor should have two-thirds his capital secured on estates in Italy. Creditors however were suing for payment in full, and it was not respectable for persons when sued to break faith. So, at first, there were clamorous meetings and importunate entreaties; then noisy applications to the praetor's court. And the very device intended as a remedy, the sale and purchase of estates, proved the contrary, as the usurers had hoarded up all their money for buying land. The facilities for selling were followed by a fall of prices, and the deeper a man was in debt, the more reluctantly did he part with his property, and many were utterly ruined. The destruction of private wealth precipitated the fall of rank and reputation, till at last the emperor interposed his aid by distributing throughout the banks a hundred million sesterces, and allowing freedom to borrow without interest for three years, provided the borrower gave security to the State in land to double the amount. Credit was thus restored, and gradually private lenders were found. The purchase too of estates was not carried out according to the letter of the Senate's decree, rigour at the outset, as usual with such matters, becoming negligence in the end." 

- Tacitus, Roman Senator and Historian, 109 A.D.

Nothing turned around until there was interest free money. But, even then, they did not fix the problem - they let the banks do it to them again after three years.
Upayable interest is the problem. Banks manipulating "credit" is the problem.
The result is the same - no matter what century you live in.
The solution is to STOP. Stop the bank-credit-lending-at-interest scheme (scam) and the government (We The People) should restore the ownership of the money to the people. The banks now own the money and you may merely borrow it. But, that can and must change.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

PRT - One Part of Our New Infrastructure Rebuild

Personalized Rapid Transit


Fiscally Sound

A True Asset to Minnesota, Built With Debt Free, Wealth Based Money!

This can be built to service Minnesotans and its construction and maintenance funded with the MTA, in lieu of taxation.

Funding it with the MTA allows the State to pay for it with wealth based money, instead of borrowing, bonding, or taxing, and provides a stream of debt free money to the system, that can enable people to pay their debts.

See The One Planned For Heathrow Airport.


6 Most Powerful Videos on Money

Lost Interviews - Restored

Byron Dale
America's Foremost Monetary Expert

Social Effects, on the Family, of Unpayable Interest

Creating money as an electronic bookkeeping entry and lending it, at interest, to governments, businesses and private individuals has a social cost to the American family.

Because now, all of our money is created as loan principal, no money, to pay interest, is ever created within the system. Value and wealth can be created, but banks only take interest payments in the form of money. Therefore, merchants must continually raise prices (or lower their labor costs or use cheaper raw materials) to capture this missing ingredient - the money they need to pay interest. This is the major cause of price inflation.

Demonstrating Increasing Prices Due To Ever Increasing and Unpayable Interest Obligations

It has been estimated that 50% of the price of goods, is interest being folded into the retail price. 50%!  

What Is The Cost To The Family?

If the cost of unpayable interest were wrung out of retail prices, perhaps American families could make ends meet?  Perhaps the stress level, caused directly by unpayable debt, would become manageable? Perhaps divorce rates would decline?

What would happen if we left the debt-money system behind, in favor of an improved wealth-based money system? 

  1. Both spouses would feel the relief.
  2. There would be fewer divorces.
  3. More families would stay together.
  4. More active fathers, in the home, raising their children.
  5. Fewer behavioral problems with boys
  6. Fewer emotional problems with girls
  7. Fewer young people involved in crime, in the court system, and in the prison system.
  8. More families could make it on one job (instead of two or even three).
  9. One parent at a time could stay home with the children.
  10. Children would preform better in school.
  11. Our economy would be strengthened by a better educated workforce.
  12. Fewer jobs are outsourced to other countries.
  13. Welfare rolls drop.
  14. Families win big!
  15. America wins big!
  16. Every element of society is strengthened. 


Email to find out how you can help:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The Pace With Which The World Changes, Quickens.

  1. As the pace of change quickens, our money supply will need to expand,
  2. As our infrastructure crumbles around us, we will need debt free funding to rebuild,
  3. As dependence on foreign oil threatens, we need a clean, cost effective answer,
  4. As Social Security faces unpayable obligations,
  5. As foreign and domestic "leaders" endanger U.S. Sovereignty with ideas like a World Currency,
  6. As the borrow / bond / tax / bailout scheme has reached runaway exponential proportions, we will need innovative answers,
  7. These answers are here, on this blog.
  8. Read it from the bottom to the top.
  9. Share it with those you know.
  10. Email us to find out what you can do to fix our economy.
  11. Don't leave it to those who brought us to this point - they don't know how to fix it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes We Can

Congratulations Mr. President!
May God Bless America.

He has asked for our help. 

We can help.

More than any other idea or concept, Monetizing Production of Infrastructure, as described here on this blog, can help him fulfill his goal of change, help put our economy on track and lead the US and the world out of this recession, using concepts that are positive, forward thinking and pro American.  

The MTA concept of funding can:

  1. Solve the Social Security issue.
  2. Stabilize our banking system.
  3. Stimulate our economy.
  4. Create millions of jobs.
  5. Bring us closer to energy independence. 
  6. Cut taxes.
  7. Increase savings.
  8. Balance budgets.
  9. Give us safe, modern, infrastructure.
  10. Export vital technology 

It's our turn to make a difference.

Send this blog to The President.  THE WHITE HOUSE
Then, send it to your friends.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Let This Sink In.

"When the Fed buys government bonds, it pays for them with a check on itself."

- Department of the Treasury,
Office of the General Counsel,
published in
"Tales From The Treasury", pages 13 & 48

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hyperinflation and Zimbabwe - Myth, Misinformation and the "Expert"


The True Cause of Zimbabwe's Hyperinflation

Once again (still) the "experts" can't wait to parrot what they have heard someone else say in order to show off how smart they are. In most cases, it's pomposity and prideful nonsense.

Austrians say the problem is too much paper. Keynesians say the government should spend more. Neither camp has a solid grasp on the effects of interest and both groups are in denial, when it comes to fully understanding debt.

In fact, in macroeconomic terms, you can hardly find a model that illustrates this: the money needed to pay interest is never created inside the system and that principal is extinguished from circulation when a payment of principal is made.

The more you learn about how it really works, who the "experts" are following, why they are following the wrong explanation, how old that theory is and who benefits from its propagation, the easier it is to realize why they can't figure it out.

NEWS FLASH: Hyperinflation is not caused by paper money. It is not caused by too much money. It is caused by unpayable interest rates.

QUESTION: If you're a shopkeeper and you have a loan at an interest rate of 800% and your taxes are nearly 64% (plus a 15% "value added tax" for a total of 79%) of your income, do you think that you will have to raise your prices to stay in business?

ANSWER: Yes. Daily.

QUESTION: Why is this happening? Is someone manipulating their interest rates, causing economic chaos because they want Zimbabwe's gold, platinum and diamonds?

ANSWER: Ya think?
The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is refusing to pay for gold deliveries.
Most of the gold mines have collapsed.
Investment banks are buying up the mines at pennies on the dollar.
This did not happen to Zimbabwe because they did not have enough gold.
This did not happen to Zimbabwe because they did not have enough natural resources.
This did not happen to Zimbabwe because the government spent too little.
This did not happen to Zimbabwe because they had too much paper money.
This happened because they had too much debt and the unpayable interest is destroying them.

Say, aren't the people dependent on bank loans for a medium of exchange and don't the banks set the interest rates on their loaned money?

When the banks hike the interest rates to manipulate the money supply to the point that only 15% of the people can work, the medium of exchange is destroyed and the banks end up with the gold, is that financial terrorism?


***January 2013 UPDATE***

Support Passage of

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Debt Free Infrastructure - Tax Free Funding

We Can Fund Our Bridges and Roads Using
The Principles of the MTA.

We Can Fund The Nation's Aging Electric Grid Using
The Principles of the MTA!

We Can Fund Our Rail Projects Using
The Principles of the MTA!

We cannot afford for the incoming administration to borrow the money to pay for theses needed rebuilds and improvements. 

Soon, we will not be able to pay the interest on our debts - we may be there now!

Definition: MONETIZE

Monetize means that we agree that something is money.

If I sell my pen for a dollar, some say that I have monetized my pen. 
Not so.

If we agree that my pen is money, then we have monetized my pen.

The MINNESOTA TRANSPORTATION ACT monetizes the production of infrastructure.

DNA Breakthrough!

Scientists Splice Genes.

Scientists at The University of Artesian Science, Polytechnic, have perfected a genetic splice between a mammal, a bird and a $100 bill, allowing the creature to lay bags of money, in place of eggs.

This development means that we can increase the money supply without borrowing and going deeper into debt!

Wait... This just in.

Sorry, money is still only created by banks when they make loans.

It seems the only way to get money into the system that is not a debt, is to change the law.

We'll follow this story and keep you posted on the details.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Banks Create Money

"Of course, they do not really pay out loans from the money they receive as deposits. If they did this, no additional money would be created. What they do when they make loans is to accept promissory notes in exchange for credits to the borrowers' transaction accounts. ... Reserves are unchanged by the loan transactions."

- MODERN MONEY MECHANICS, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stimulus Package? That's a Load of Bull.

They are proposing another "stimulus package"?
It's not a stimulus package.
It's a loan!
Borrowed money!
YOU have to pay it all back.

Plus interest.

The "interest" is the part they don't create, and where you do the work for free!

The tide (the "stimulus package") may come in - but mark it down, it will go out (when the debt comes due, you have to pay back the stimulus package) , and carry some interest with it (more than we borrowed in the first place).

In the end, we'll be worse off than we are now.

1. Stop. Stop the borrow / bond / tax / bailout cycle.
3. Immediately begin monetizing the production of our infrastructure.
4. Immediately implement the Social Security fix mentioned here.

Land of The Free, Home of The Brave?

Has It Been Ingrained Into The Psyche of The American People?

Do you fear the bully?
Do you try to keep the bully happy, so that the next round of beatings will be more tolerable?

If you are getting robbed blind by a bully and someone brings you a solution, do you ask, "What's in it for the bully?"

I can't tell you how many people, when presented with this financial solution say this:
What's in it for the banks?

Yes.  Face it.  The American People are being bullied by the banks.  They create money out of nothing more than a promise to pay, and require you to give essentially free labor, borrow yourself into unpayable debt to pay the interest and pay ever increasing taxes, just for the privilege of using their electronic bookkeeping entry "money" - that they create on a computer keyboard!

The banks put the people into unpayable debt in order to have a medium of exchange, decide who gets money and who doesn't, contract the supply at will, causing bankruptcies and hardships to American citizens, every one of which are dependent on the banks to conduct commerce, and then ask for and receive bailouts from elected officials after 90% of the people said "no".

A psychologist may say that you had some serious "issues" if you are trying to protect the one that is trying to harm or destroy you. However they might label it - it's dysfunction.  

Don't be that person. 

Use the power gifted to you in the Constitution, by virtue of being an American, to make a change.  A change to stop the bullying and end the abuse. And don't settle for simply fewer beatings.  Stop them.  The US Constitution and the Minnesota State Constitution give you the power to change this.

If you are reading this, decide if you are part of THE LAND OF THE FREE and whether you help make it THE HOME OF THE BRAVE.

And Now For a Really Big Solution - Save Social Security


Pay The People For Their Production - What A Concept.

If all money is created as debt (it is).
Then, no money has been created as final payment (because all of the debt money gets paid back to the bank).
Therefore, in the aggregate, our retirees have never received full and final payment for their production (the infrastructure that they have built, and that we all enjoy and use everyday).

So, the US Government can and should monetize the past production of the US citizens that have built everything that you see around you (wealth). The US Treasury, under the direction of US Congress, and not the Federal Reserve Bank, should create new debt free money, and pay the recipients of Social Security outright. Same with Medicare. Cap Medicare payments to health care providers to avoid abuse and the "medical community's" tendency to inflate their prices when they can. This "saves" Social Security and Medicare.

What's the alternative? Borrow more? Cut benefits? Raise the retirement age? Those are immoral answers, when the solution is clearly, to pay them for their work.

Next, give Social Security recipients a raise (50% first month and then 10% per month for the next 24 months, to start with), so that they can stop worrying about how to make ends meet and perhaps even spend some on the grandkids or be able to afford their medication, take a trip or upgrade their automobile, pay for their own physical therapy or... "spend it to stimulate the economy". There is no need to "save for retirement" - they ARE retired. Most of them will spend it - and they should spend it - they have earned it and they have never been paid.

Then, eliminate the FICA tax from the paycheck of every American. Gone.
Every working American would see an instant pay increase. This is not a tax "cut" it is a tax elimination.

Business would no longer have to pay the matching FICA tax.

The US Government can remove $53 Trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities from their books.

1. Pay the retirees that did the work, in new, debt free money (electronic book keeping entries - just like they do now).
2. Eliminate the FICA tax from American workers and businesses.
3. Remove the $53 Trillion in debt from the Government's books.

Failure to fix these issues is not for lack of money. It is not. We create money.
Failure to fix these issues is a failure in education.
It's a failure to operate with the correct financial model.
Clean Capitalism is the correct model.
The MINNESOTA TRANSPORTATION ACT is the first step toward fixing our broken economy because it gives the economy a source of debt-free, wealth based money, so that we can get rid of this debt and return the ownership of production to the people..

Friday, January 9, 2009

"Fight Fire With Fire"

The Truth is, most fire is fought with the opposite of fire - water.

We can't fight debt with more debt.

Right now, when you consider the "borrow to get out of debt" mentality of our policy makers, and the effects of unpayable compounding interest on the debt, they are fighting fire with gasoline!

We need to fight our debt with wealth.  We need wealth based money!


The Coach Says

"You're playing worse and worse every day, and right now your playing like it's next month!" 
- Herb Brooks, 1937 - 2003

That's exactly how I feel 
about the "solutions" 
that our financial leaders 
have come up with.  

Monetize the production of infrastructure for the benefit of the American people.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Energy Independence - "HHO" Gas

This, could be funded tomorrow.
But, with such a reduced need for oil, what would we fight over?

This technology promises to increase efficiency from 20% to 50%.
With further development  we could see on demand hydrogen power 
without the battery problem and without high pressure storage tanks.

You should really see this one:

Imagine where we'd be after 30 years of research?

CHINESE PROVERB: Those who say it cannot be done, 
should not interrupt those who are doing it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Weimar Shuffle and the Myth of Too Much Money

Hyperinflation - its biggest cause is too much debt, not too much money. That can escape someone who does not understand the effects of a debt based money system.

Between January and November 1923 the interest rate in Weimar Germany jumped from 19% to 900%. Do you think people have to raise their prices to pay their debts when interest rates are climbing that fast?

It wasn't that the government was "printing" too much money - it was that the interest on the debt was crushing people and businesses.

They found it necessary to raise their prices daily, sometimes hourly, in order to afford to pay the loans that they had.

Q: Why is it that everyone seems to know the same story about a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread, but not 1 in a 10,000 knows how money is created and the effects of borrowing at interest?

A: I'll have to let you decide.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Studies Show

Independent Research Verifies:

1. All money is created as a loan.

2. You cannot borrow your way out of debt.

3. We need to change the law to allow government to create money, debt free, like the US Constitution intended.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Let This One Sink In

"The Federal Reserve System is the only instrumentality... with the discretionary power to create (or extinguish) the money that serves as bank reserves or as the public's pocket cash."

-The Federal Reserve System, Purposes and Function 1963, FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY EDITION, pg 75

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Show Me The Money!

Ever Wonder?

How can it be that a banking system, that provides a service and doesn't manufacture anything, has hundreds of trillions of dollars to lend?

How can it be that most everyone else needs to borrow money from them?

The truth is that we think that banks are lending out someones savings. They don't. It's pure myth. If banks did loan out your savings to someone to buy a house, you could not get your savings until they payed the mortgage - maybe 30 years until you got it all!
Banks don't even loan out reserves - another common myth. If they did that, they would not be expanding the money supply. Loaning out "reserves", or "money in the vault" does not expand the money supply, fractionalizing (banks creating new money as a loan) does, but never creates the money that is due as interest. When banks fractionalize, the debt is ALWAYS greater than the money supply and the interest obligation is unpayable. Collapse must follow.

The truth is that banks create new money when they make loans. Then they charge you interest on this new money, as if they had it to start with. A foolish and dangerous way to run an economy.

New Year - New Money

What Money Should Be.

  1. Money must represent wealth (production), not debt. 
  2. Money must be uniform across the country.
  3. Money must be convenient to use.
  4. Money must be plentiful enough to be a general medium of exchange.
  5. Money must be spent or traded into circulation in a way that benefits the entire population, not loaned in for the benefit of the few.