Monday, November 22, 2010

The Solution

The solution is a value added infrastructure rebuild, using direct funding with newly created, debt free money.
Think about it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why The "Experts" Don't Get It.

"If I Only Had a Brain."

Here's why the "experts" don't get it.
1. They parrot and don't investigate or think.
a. Blame the university economics education and the media reinforcement of a false paradigm.
2. They miss key points
a. Principal is extinguished when a loan payment is made.
1) That means whenever you, anyone, or all of us make a loan, credit card, student loan, mortgage payment, money is removed from the system - a draw or vacuum in the economy. If nothing is done, the system will run totally dry. That's why they are so busy making the bailouts, stimulus programs and Quantitative Easing - to get more money into the system.
2) Therefore, their assumptions that "more money in the economy makes the existing money worth less" is faulty. It's NOT more money that is the enemy, it's more debt.
b. In the U.S., there is no such thing as debt free money. All new money is created as a loan.
c. No money to pay interest is created when the loan principal is created.

If the "expert" you are listening to says any of these things they are mislead, ill-educated or deliberately lying to you: 1. "Printing money" 2. "Out of thin air" 3. "Devalue the currency" 4. "Hyperinflation and Germany".
Anything they say after that is suspect.

1. "Printing money" is of little significance since, today, nearly all money is electronic and the Federal Reserve does not "print money".
2. "Out of thin air" - New money is made when a loan is made or a bond transaction occurs. Nearly every time, these transactions are based on a a "promise to pay" or a mortgage of real property. It's not just semantics - usually what these people say after "out of thin air" is drastically misguided.
3. "Devalue the Currency" - hard to devalue it beyond "zero", but they have been for nearly 100 years. It's worse than zero, it's into negative numbers! If, in order for you to have $10, there must be $11 in debt, there is agreed upon, imaginary value, but no wealth value. Instead, it's debt. A negative number.
+ <- 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10 -11 -> -

4. Hyperinflation is cause by banks not by too much money. In Germany the banks arbitrarily raised the interest rates to 900%. It it an act of economic warfare. Combined with misinformation, the masses never catch on. They only get their wealth and labor confiscated by the very ones manipulating the rates and crying about how they are so damaged financially, when they in fact, create money as a bookkeeping entry - just numbers that never existed before the loan was made.

What we need is a wealth-based monetary system.
It's as easy as passing a simple accounting change into law.
That's it!
Here is a copy of the BILL that could fix the economy: THE FIX


Tuesday, November 9, 2010



Like I Have Been Saying, They Are Either Incompetent, Or Liars - You Pick.

- Paul Volcker, Former Fed Chair and Top Advisor to President Obama

Friday, November 5, 2010

What You Need to Ask About the $600 Billion


Where Did It Come From?

A. The money comes from "people's savings".
B. The Federal Reserve makes up the "money" by typing numbers into a computer.

Where did it come from?
If they can make "money" to loan (buying Treasury Securities is the U.S. taking out a loan, paid back by tax payers) then you can make it up to repair and replace our crumbling infrastructure.

The next thing they will do is jack up the price of oil, causing everything to rise in price and then blame the boogieman of inflation. It will be another incorrect diagnosis.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Over 200 Trillion!

$200 TRILLION!!!!

As I have posted many times on this blog, the real U.S. debt is
In this case, I really do hate to say I was right again.


Monday, October 25, 2010

2 Questions

Here are 2 very important questions for you. You should find the answers if you don't know them. If you don't, a third question might be why don't you know the answers. If you know the answers, many of the subsequent questions you should ask, will become obvious.

Here they are.

Q1: What is the total U.S. money supply (in M3)?
Q2: What is the total U.S. debt?


What's the total amount of money we have.
How much do we owe.

Total supply?
Total debt?

Think about it.
Get the answers.
Think some more.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Global Monetary Meltdown and HR 4646 - The "Transaction Fee".

Again, demonstrating how little they know about how the monetary system actually works, some elected "representative" has proposed a bill (HR 4646) that would charge a "fee" (read tax) on every single monetary transaction. Every single transaction - except for the ones that the bank does. They say that they would use the money to pay off the National Debt. The National debt is coming up in $14 Trillion - that's more than our entire money supply!! But wait. We use debt for money. Pay off all the debt and you will have NO MONEY in circulation! That is a fact.

You want to see a global financial meltdown? Then pass this crazy bill. They plan on paying off the National debt in seven years. This will literally vacuum the money out of the system in seven years. This proposed bill is a self destructive vortex of assured economic catastrophe the likes of which the world has never known.

Imagine sucking the entire U.S. money supply out of circulation in less than seven years. Imagine it! What does the world economy look like, then? You will never make it to the seven year mark. Food and energy production will stumble and then grind to a halt. I challenge you to think about what sorts of things would happen if food and energy production do that. Just think it over.

Pulling money out of circulation with this transaction fee and then zeroing that money out as it pays for the National debt would be like opening an artery on a dying patient - certain death. Money being the lifeblood of the economy, to drain it is to kill the economy. HR 4646 is an economy killer. Plain and simple.



Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Raising Interest Rates and The Abusive Cult.

Here's How It Works

Here's the scam. When interest rates are raised, merchants and businesses need to raise prices to pay their loans (that's called inflation). Who is in charge of raising interest rates? The banks. Banks should not be able to raise interest rates on computer generated digits. It should be considered economic terrorism, shouldn't it? Banks create "money" on a computer keyboard and then charge interest on it - nice scam, eh? Then banks arbitrarily raise the cost to borrow the electronic digits, requiring you to work harder to pay them! They create electronic digits, you pay with your life. Then they scream about how they are losing money! If that's not a scam, then there is no such thing.

Here are some things that need to be in place to perpetuate the scam:
1. Miss-education
Banks influence nearly all discussion on this topic by funding, through grants and foundations, of textbooks, universities and news sources. The result is everlasting confusion for everyone plugged in to this system. Your economists can't decipher the problem because they're pugged into the system. Your politicians can't decipher it because they are glorified salespeople and are interested in influence and not solutions - especially for you. Your "experts" can't decipher it because they are not experts at all, they just like to talk and be considered smart and important - somebody signs their paycheck to spread a certain set of ideas (like the lie of inflation being caused by too much money).

2. Your ignorance
The longer you follow after the common gobbledy-guk, tangle-town, pretzel logic nonsense put out by television, radio, the university system and the beloved "experts", the longer you will be dazzled by the banks slight of hand. The magician "makes" you believe because you are ignorant of their trick. The banks make you believe their religion because they have controlled the entire game board for centuries. You break the cycle of ignorance when you decide that you are done being financially raped and shut off the flow of bad information. Then, you have to think new thoughts - get correct information. You have to be willing to let go of your programming and conditioning and examine a new way. After all, what's the real risk in thinking? You can always return to the brainwashing, right? The system will welcome you with open arms. You are being deceived by the high priests of a wicked cult religion called banking. Think that's extreme? It's engulfed the entire planet, hasn't it? It has nearly 7 Billion people entrapped in its religious rules, outstripping Christianity, Islam and Judaism, combined. It's a false religion with its temples, its books, its evangelists and its mesmerized, abused, followers. Break your conditioning and expel the debt money thinking - it's cancerous.

3. Scare tactics and boogiemen
Borrowing. Taxing. Inflation!! Oh, my! Like some primitive witch-doctor, the banks jangle these boogiemen at you to keep you off balance and scared - continual crisis mode. Why do you continue to let them scare you?

Look, your retirement is gone or will be. Social Security is gone. Your property values have been cut in half in the last few years. You are hanging on, hoping for a better day, meanwhile, the banks have record profits. Still you put your faith in these banks, politicians and experts. Why? Because they have you scared of anything else. Scared. Why not fully examine and then compare a wealth based system? Scared. Scared you may lose! You have already lost. And, you will continue to lose. To believe in this "world banking system" is to lose. To be scared, is to lose. There is no "Wizard" only a man behind the curtain - the criminals in suits. And a small number of them at that. They're not the Machiavellian social supermen they think they are. They're cowardly, evil low-lifes who harm people for money. Criminal psychopaths. Their might extends to your fear - and no further. Stop being timid, scared and easily manipulated and work for a better way. The way out? You need a wealth based money system and you need to stop being scared of these criminals.

You can see so many parallels between an abusive cult and what is going on here. You know in your heart that you are being abused under this debt money system and yet, you go back - even defend it - just like in any abusing relationship. Sort of pathetic, wouldn't you say?

So, here's how it works: You are in a world-wide, abusive, cult-like financial system that feeds off ignorance and rattles the bones of their favorite boogiemen including their all-time favorite, inflation, to get you to cower, so that they can steal more from you.

Monday, September 20, 2010



Time For All Of You Bankers And Economist To Admit That Your Education Is Wholly Inadequate - Or That You Are In On The Scam. Theft By Deception.

1. You could not predict it.
2. You do not know how long it will last.
3. You are clueless when it comes to a solution.
4. That means you amount to nothing more than a high paid salesman.
5. You sell someone else's ideas and take money to harm the American People.

..."you can come up with rough orders of magnitude of the impact, but with quantitative easing there is so much uncertainty, you can't calculate it with any type of precision," said Dino Kos, former head of the New York Fed's markets group...

They don't know what they are doing, or they are stealing your country from under your nose. Which is acceptable to you?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Best Political Quote in Over 100 years!

"If men can create electronic bookkeeping entries representing debt and loan them into circulation, men can surely create electronic bookkeeping entries as a payment and spend them into circulation with no debt. Which do you prefer?"


- Gregory K. Soderberg, Rep. Candidate MN. Lt. Gov., 2010


Monday, September 6, 2010

Not True!

The phrase "Government calls for more spending" is misleading at best and at worst an outright lie and coordinated deception. It should be: "Government calls for more BORROWING!"

What is the Federal government suggesting -

Infrastructure Spending?
Infrastructure Borrowing.

It only puts us deeper into unpayable debt; don't we have enough of that already?



Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Monday, August 9, 2010

Critical Infrastructure

All of them depend on the electrical grid. The grid needs a "value added rebuild". This can be done, DEBT FREE, by monetizing the production of infrastructure. It's Constitutional, safe for the environment and non-fattening. So, do it already!

This is the type of bill that needs to get passed in your state to get the job done: THE BILL

The Cure


More For Freddie Mac?


Total of $64 Billion??
When You Get Sick Of The Lies, You Will Realize That Implementing a Wealth Based Money System, By Monetizing The Production of Infrastructure, Is The Only Way Out.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010



The Congressional Budget Office Says If We Don't
Change Something, We Are Headed For A Crisis.

Exquisite analysis boys!
I sure hope we are not paying them top dollar for that kind of forecasting.

Here's what they said:

Further increases in federal debt relative to the nation’s output almost certainly lie ahead if current policies remain in place.

Read The Report HERE

If debt will cause the crisis, ummm...
then let's change the debt based money system to a wealth based one.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Offshore, Foreign Banks.

Your Money Is Overseas.
YOU Were Made To Borrow It, By Congress.
It Was Paid To Offshore Banks.
They Stole From You and Made You Pay For It.

The banks are destroying your nation, sending production jobs out of the country, keeping your borders open to drive down wages and vote in bigger transfer-of-wealth programs, while stealing your rights and liberties and building a giant police state right under your nose.


Monetarily, there is only one way out of this:
A WEALTH BASED MONEY SYSTEM brought about by the monetization of the production and rebuild of infrastructure.

Why infrastructure?
It benefits everyone.

Why monetize the production of infrastructure?
No money is created unless there is production.

Does this system produce debt?
No. There is no borrowing or bonding to fund approved projects.

Does this system provide jobs?
Yes! Many millions of jobs!

Are these jobs only in construction?
No. The money flows into the economy and produces jobs and investment in all sectors.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Can You Believe This Sh!t?

Your Leaders Are Not That Bright.
Their Corruption Has Blinded Them.

How Far Will It Go?
How Far Has It Gone Already!?

Your Future Is In Jeopardy.
As You Continue To Do Nothing and Stay Willfully Ignorant, Even Arrogantly Ignorant, Your "Leaders" (public servants) are Flushing Your Country Down The Sewer.

"That's so negative!"

Is It?

Nothing is more negative than an ignorant and apathetic American who will stand by and watch their country be further looted and destroyed by the bankers (and let's face it, the lawyers that write the destructive and larcenous contracts - and the judges that "decide" in favor of the corruption - and the executive and enforcement elements that follow after these Bernie Madoff, Ponzi scheme criminals, instead of safeguarding the rights and liberties of the American People, also).

We have a solution, but perhaps you would rather wipe your back-side with "hope and change".

Get educated.

Support the solution - a wealth based money system.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh, Yeah. This Is What Recovery Looks Like.

"Jobless Recovery." "Green shoots". "Signs of Improvement."
What BS.

Monday, July 19, 2010

WEALTH. What Is It?

It's Simple. It's 1+1+1=3

WEALTH = Raw Resources + Labor + Ideas

A nation could base its money on wealth,
if the people make the "public servants" enact the change.

Now, the U.S. uses debt, and not wealth, for money.

Could we change?

Do we have Raw Resources?
Enough to conduct a complete value added, earth friendly, infrastructure rebuild.
Do We Have Labor?
Near record unemployment.
Do We Have Ideas?
So many great, uplifting, smart, ideas!

Then we have a functional base from which to create wealth.
Then we can change.

Pay the contractors and workers who rebuild our crumbling infrastructure in debt free, wealth based money. Replace the old and dangerous debt based money model.
It's time.

Why change to a wealth based money system?
It's legal.
It's moral.
It's necessary.
It's easy.
It solves so many problems that we face today!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Half The Size Of The King James Bible


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) signs the

Financial Reform Bill at a bill enrollment ceremony after the Senate

passed the bill on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday.

Drew Angerer/AP

390,000 words!
Half the size of the King James Bible!

I'll bet your 401(k) that there's no mention of wealth based money.
No way that they read it before voting on it!

So, who do you think wrote it?
HINT: "Please don't throw me in the brier patch!"

Monday, July 12, 2010


So, You Think You Have A Chance
In This Market?

When a "mystery bank" can move 380 tonnes of gold in one transaction, why would you be so foolish as to think that this is a 'free market" or that you could base a currency on gold?

Besides, if you allow the banks to lend the gold, as they did here, you'll be in worse shape than you are now.

True, we need a wealth based system, but gold is not the answer.
The answer is to monetize the production of infrastructure with new, debt free money, instead of borrowing, bonding or taxing.

What They DON'T Understand

Check Paragraph 6 Of This Article: HERE
It's obvious most politicians don't understand.
The bankers know full well and they are counting on YOU not understanding, too.

There Is One Way That New Money Is Created or "Born".
One Way.

A Loan.

That means:

1. When a loan is made, only the principal is created.
2. If only the principal is created, then no money is created to pay the interest on the loan.
3. Therefore there is always more debt than money to pay it.

If all money is created as a loan, then taxes are paid with loan principal (borrowed money).
Increasing taxes WILL MAKE THINGS WORSE!

Why? If taxes are to be paid in money, and all new money is loaned into existence, then somewhere the money collected as taxes had to be borrowed. You cannot borrow your way out of debt. Increasing taxes will place a two-fold burden on the economy (less money to grow the private sector, and an increase in private sector debt) and you will worsen the depression.

Expect more lay-offs, more inner city decay, decreased revenue as fewer people can find work.

Oh, and expect voters to blame you.

If the principal on a loan payment gets extinguished at the time of payment, then "balancing the budget" WILL MAKE THINGS WORSE!

Why? If the only source of new money coming into the economy is new loans (government, business or personal) and you slow the new borrowing, while at the same time loan payments are being made (mortgages payments made, car payments made, credit card payments made, government bonds paid, Treasury securities redeemed, student loan payments made) and that principal amount is extinguished from circulation, you will worsen the depression. Study this illustration.

Increasing taxes will make things worse.
"Cutting spending" (they should say borrowing) will make things worse.

Your ONLY remedy is a wealth based monetary system.

With a wealth based money system, you could turn this economy around in a flat hurry, launch a full scale, value added infrastructure rebuild, pay off our debts, build a thousand ship ocean clean-up fleet (for oil, toxic chemicals and plastics), bring desalination plants online, rebuild the electric grid, provide jobs, jobs, jobs, and heal the world of this economic cancer called debt money.

Or, do as you have been doing and rearrange the deck chairs some more, as this debt money system begins to groan in earnest, rivets popping and our nation taking on water faster then we can bail it out. It will sink. It's math - you can't outrun it, no matter how many knobs you turn or switches you flip - you cannot borrow yourself out of debt!

If the GWP (Gross World Product) is just over $70 Trillion, and the U.S. owes over $250 Trillion, how will raising taxes fix that balance sheet? How will cutting spending fix this when the gross production OF THE ENTIRE WORLD cannot pay what we owe?

You cannot fix it with the same thinking as created this debt cancer. You need a cure.


Demand a wealth money system, before it's too late. Here's how to start.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

U.S. Government Spending NOT Responsible For U.S. Government Debt.


Now, before the government can spend, it must borrow.
It's the borrowing that creates the debt and unpayable interest.

The U.S. Government does NOT have to borrow!

See: U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 8.
Congress has the ability to make its own money; why should it borrow any?

How It Is Now: First the borrowing ---> that creates the debt ---> then the spending.
Don't let them confuse you by saying that the "spending" creates the debt - it does not.
Borrowing creates the debt.
Don't get the cart before the horse.

How It Should Be: Eliminate the borrowning! ---> no debt ---> Congress creates the money to spend for what we need (complete value-added infrastructure rebuild) ---> production (the stuff we need) keeps pace with new money entering the system ---> no price inflation ---> prosperity for Americans.

It's as simple as getting rid of the parasitic, debt-based, Ponsi scheme, that they call our monetary system and replacing it with an honest, wealth-based money system that issues final payment, not debt (debt cannot be final payment!).

This is the bill that would change it in Minnesota: THE BILL

Your state could do the same.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Focus On The Problem, Not A Side Issue.

. The Problem: Monetary Policy (how money gets into the economy) The Side Issue: Economic Policy (what happens once money is already in the economy)

In Short


What happens once money is already in the economy.

  1. unemployment

  2. inflation

  3. savings

  4. housing starts

  5. durable goods

  6. layoffs

  7. downsizing

  8. retirement

  9. sub-prime mortgages

  10. stocks, bonds, money markets

  11. foreclosures

  12. wages

  13. trade

  14. rate of return, etc.

ALL of these things are secondary. ALL OF THEM.


How money gets into the economy.

This is the key to the solution.

There are only 3 ways money can get into the economy and all 3 have their own set of consequences. Those 3 ways are:

  1. Gift it in

  2. Lend it in

  3. Earn it in

Gift It In

This way promotes many problems, from financial to moral. If you place a flatbed trailer of $100 Federal Reserve Notes at every major intersection and invited people to come grab as much as they could hold in each hand, once per day, a few things would happen for sure.

First, it would lose its value, not so much because of any "economic rule" of formula, but because I would not want the money in your pocket when I can get my own - and more than I can spend - tomorrow! So if I were a merchant, why would I want your $100 Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs)? They are not hard to come by and they, in no way, represent production - past, present, or future.

Second, There would be few products to buy with your handfuls of FRNs. Why? Because who is going to go to work, when tomorrow they can go down to the corner and get 2 handfuls of $100 FRNs? No work? No products get made (production). No products get made? Nothing to buy with your fist full of FRNs - or with your electronic checkbook money either!

Lend It In

There is NO money created in this process to pay interest with - only principal is created when a loan is made. So, it's unworkable from the start. Looks OK at first - easy money! But, it's a Ponsi scheme. A Bernie Madoff heist. It institutionalises corruption and criminality and leaves the Nation without a permanent money system while guaranteeing its people eventual economic destruction.

Earn It In

First, this way, there's no debt. Government would create the money (same as the banks do now) and enter it on their books as an asset, instead of a debt. Contractors get paid for production that we need (infrastructure) and they pay their workers - who buy stuff. No debt, no borrowing, no bonding, no tax increase, no tolls, good modern roads, safe bridges and a huge debt-free stimulus. That means JOBS!


If You Do Nothing

The only reason not to learn how this works is either pride and hard-headedness in the face of pure logic, or that you like debt, borrowing, taxes, tolls, corruption, criminality, unpayable interest and ultimately, an economy in ruin. If you like those things and like the international bankers stealing your money by deceiving you, don't change a thing.


Make One Small Change

This could be implemented within 72 hours (maybe less) of passage. The bill is TWO PAGES! Congress could actually read it for a change.

Nothing but an accounting procedure needs to change. Oh, and your mind. You have to want the change. If you think you can't - you can't. If you think it can't be done - you're right.

Q: What does man do?

A: Pretty much what he decides to do.

Simply change your mind, get behind this idea and make it work.

It will work.


Don't let them side-track you by talking economics. It's about MONETARY POLICY. It's about how money gets into the economy that matters most.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Was Just Doing A Little Math...


National Debt Crosses $13 Trillion Mark

But, that's only a small part of the story.

$7.7 Trillion Total Money Supply (Debt - all borrowed money)
$57.0 Trillion Total Combined Debt (National, Business and Personal)
$65.5 Trillion Unfunded Obligation (Soc. Sec., Medicare, Medicaid, etc.)
$23.7 Trillion TARP Bailouts (and you thought it was only $700 Billion)
$3.27 Trillion Stimulus
$2.0 Trillion The Federal Reserve Will Not Disclose
$1.0 Trillion Line of Credit to Greece
$0.275 Trillion Foreclosure Rescue (UPDATED)
$99.0 Trillion Unfunded Pensions and Health Care Liabilities

$259.445 TRILLION in DEBT

This says nothing about the $1.5 Quadrillion derivatives market.

There. Now YOU do the research and the math. It's worse than you are being told and the fix is easier than you can imagine. The FIX.


Monday, June 7, 2010

The Most Important Article This Year


Exactly what can be done about it: HERE


$1 Trillion


You could have spent $1 million dollars/day, since the birth of Christ, and not even be close to $1 Trillion.

The U.S. is over $200 Trillion in debt, by now.

Good luck with that.

That's A Good Question!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Greece just got $2 Trillion from banks - $1 Trillion loan package from the E.U. and the IMF and $1 Trillion line of credit from the Federal Reserve.

Q: Where did that money come from?

a. The "vault" at the International Monetary Fund
b. Grandma's savings account
c. More fraudulent "bookkeeping entries" that they lent at interest. THEY MADE IT UP!! It was fabricated on a computer. They do not have it to lend. There is no vault with a Trillion Dollars in it. THERE IS NO VAULT WITH A TRILLION DOLLARS IN IT that they lend to FAILING NATIONS - and if there were, they WOULD NOT LEND IT TO FAILING NATIONS!!

(umm... the answer is c)

The Plumbing of a Global Crisis and HOW TO STOP THE MESS!


We Use DEBT for Money.
Slow The Lending, The Economy Dries Up.
It's Science.

How to fix it?


When you use debt as your money, there is always less money in the system (loan principal) than there is debt owed (principal + interest). In other words, there is more debt than money to pay it with.

Money to pay interest is NEVER created when a loan is made; the money to pay interest, therefore, comes from another borrowers loan principal. Choke off the lending and the recession or depression comes as sure as daylight.


Look at the illustration and imagine how it works.

Scr#w the "experts". They got you into this mess!
Can you borrow yourself out of debt?


Then why are they borrowing for a bailout. Borrowing for a stimulus. Borrowing for a program. Borrowing for a project. Borrowing to pay debt. Borrowing for the Pentagon. Borrowing for this. Borrowing for that.
Borrowing for a _________fill in the blank_________ .
ALL they do is borrow or cause borrowing.
More debt.

Because they have to keep water in the bucket to maintain their scam.
Dry bucket = angry, starving people.
Then what will you do?
Who will you call?
To whom will you write?

SUGGESTION: You had better get on board with this idea and get the necessary legislation passed. There are going to be some angry people at your door - and they WILL be hungry.

Why not just fix it and avoid all of that confusion and suffering?

You need wealth based money in the system.
Many TRILLIONS of it (right now we have none).
Almost $200 Trillion in the US alone, just to break even. We'd need nearly $200 Trillion in order to pay off what we owe, and our obligations - JUST TO HAVE NOTHING!

There's not enough gold in the world and you are running out of time.

Here is the only way that it will work:

By monetizing the production of infrastructure, you solve MANY problems at one time. That's the way to do it. Fix the leak. Increase the flow of money into the system - debt free, wealth-based money. Provide the jobs needed. Rebuild our manufacturing base. REBUILD OUR CRUMBLING INFRASTRUCTURE.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Black Box Algorithm. There is NO "Free Market".

Who or What is Your Competition In The "Market"?

It's This.

Find Out HERE.

Good luck with that.


Criminal Probe of AIG Dropped.


You Are On Occupied Soil.
Your country has been taken over by groups of illegitimate criminals.

There is no amount of criminality that they are not willing to excuse.
There is no amount of theft that they are not willing to condone.
There is no amount of abuse they are not willing to allow.
There is no amount of evil that they are not willing to cover up.

Why do they do it?
Why do they get away with the continual rape of our country?
Because there is no amount of criminality that the "American People" are not willing to excuse.
Because there is no amount of theft that the "American People" are not willing to condone.
Because there is no amount of abuse the "American People" are not willing to allow.
Because there is no amount of evil that the "American People" are not willing to cover up.

I don't believe that I have ever run into you at the Minnesota State Capital, trying to get the SOLUTION passed? I don't believe that I have gotten any emails from you or your group of 5, or 10, or 100, that are willing to help get this passed. Instead, you bitch and moan about how things are. What, do you need a topic to discuss at the water cooler so badly that you refuse to be a man, a woman, an American, and take responsibility for fixing this mess? I think we both know the answer. You are allowing criminal bankers and their sidekick lawyers and politicians to destroy our country because you refuse to get educated on the problem: HERE'S THE PROBLEM.

The solution is simple and can be started at once.

You should lock yourself in a room and turn off your phone and read THIS. Read it until you get the magnitude of the issue. Reread it until it sinks in. Read it until you really understand what it says. Read it and then ask yourself what it really means. Then place your order for this BOOK. Get yourself educated. Period. Paragraph.

They are kicking our tail and taking our stuff because they are working a scam and we are looking in all the wrong places for the answers. It's not about the "markets" - we have no free markets. What we have is institutional investors using black-box trading algorithms making trades 24-7 at the speed of light from servers located on Wall Street! Before you EVER get the information, they have executed thousands of trades per second and can manipulate the market any way they please. See HERE and HERE.

The vault door is open. The guard (you) is asleep outside on the lawn; a beer in one hand and a remote control in the other - a phone in his ear and nothing in his brain. If the bandits are shuttling valuables out of the vault and making a clean get-away, does not the guard have a major part in the crime? Is not the guard complicit through his negligence? You are supposed to guard this Republic. When you do nothing to safeguard your own liberty, don't be surprised when the destroyer comes, time and time again, for the loot.

Don't worry, your retirement is safe with them. So is your justice sys... err... I mean legal system... and your Bill of Rights - all safe.

Now, have another drink, go back to sleep and believe the nice lady on TV. Slllleeeeeeeepp.

"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn."