Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Of Course It's An Honest System!

... now, shut up and look the other way. And get back to work!!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Germany Warns U.S. Ain't That Somethin'?

How Times Have Changed.

Article HERE


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

World Runs Out Of Gold.

Well, then.
Now that we are out of gold, let's use infrastructure to support our money instead, and build/grow our way out of this staggering debt and looming economic disaster.
Jobs. Money. New Bridges. No debt.
Beat that.

What else have you got to do this week but to explain this to 9 of your 10 best friends.
Don't tell your "smart friend", they will only argue with you because they did not think of it.
It's a pride/ego thing.

Go. Tell them.

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's Not The CO2 (plant food) It's The POLLUTION!

We Can
Fix The Infrastructure AND Clean The Planet.

This is a sample of ocean water in the middle of the TOXIC GARBAGE PATCH.

CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

You exhale CO2.
We all exhale CO2 and plant life needs it to survive.
It's part of the carbon life cycle - Water, CO2, Sun, Oxygen.

They have turned CO2 into the boogieman.
That way, everyone is an environmental criminal.
Then they can tax you as you breathe.

So, it's not the CO2...
It's the Pollution!

In both the Pacific and the Atlantic, there are toxic garbage patches.
Many thousands of square miles of plastic sludge.
A single poisonous patch is the size of the U.S.
There are several.


It's Time We Require Our Government
Not Only To Rebuild Our Infrastructure,
But To DIRECTLY FUND The Clean Up!

Don't borrow the money!
Create it - DEBT FREE!
Create the money to build the factories - debt free.
Create the money that will build the machines - debt free.
The newly created money would be tied to production, so there is no inflation.

Stop believing the lie that too much money is the problem.
Too much debt (and, the unpayable interest that comes with it) is the problem!
Besides, you've never met anyone who thought they had too much money.

The problem is in your mind - in your imagination.
Break your conditioning.
Change the way you think about the creation of money, and the fix will be obvious.
Create money as wealth to pay for infrastructure production,
instead of debt + unpayable interest.
If you don't change the way you think, and you hang on to the old toxic way of thinking, you will be part of the force that drives this economy and most other economies around the world,
into the

Imagine the new technology we could develop AND PRODUCE!
Just one example, we could develop and build solar/hydrogen powered robotic ships that could sail our oceans and "harvest" the plastics and toxins. Most of these toxins are floating near the surface, so they could be collected, bailed and packaged into floating bundles to be connected, and then collected by robotic barge, for reprocessing.

Imagine the new jobs and the increased standard of living.
Fix the infrastructure. Clean the planet.

Imagine how we could turn this entire situation around for our posterity.
It is our duty.

All we need to do is change our concept of money.
Change it from one of debt to one of wealth.
The cosmic fabric of the universe will not tear, if we have less debt.
Arrest your fear and stop listening to the phony "experts".
Use your head.
We create money NOW - we just allow banks to create it as debt.
Debt with unpayable interest is bad.
New debt-free money, put into circulation as direct payment for production of infrastructure that is available for, and a benefit to, everyone.

More benefit - more money.

Have you seen pictures of Detroit lately?
How about East St Louis, Las Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Miami, etc, etc...
Rebuild. Clean up. Fix the economy.

Do you like the choking debt??
Do you?
If not, work for a change.
This change:

we will be taking to first step toward honest money, prosperity, and a cleaner planet.

Demand Passage of

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

World Bank Running Out Of Money? LIES!



Article HERE

It is impossible for an entity to run out of money when they make it up on a computer keyboard, as digital bookkeeping entries.

HEY CALIFORNIA! Why Not Read This Blog And Fix Your State Instead of Allowing It To Fail? WHY NOT?


Don't Be a Girly-Man.
Email me.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Financial Armageddon? WHY?

There is NO NEED for Financial Armageddon!

We do NOT have to be short of money!

Use your head. Why would we be short of money if we can create it legally and Constitutionally?

We are only short of money because we have been overcome by the falsehood that all money must be borrowed.

We could create new money every time we build something, every time we fix our crumbling infrastructure.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

AUDIT FED: HR 1207 Gets A Hearing






9AM, Friday, September 25



Sunday, September 13, 2009

Worse Than When It Was Bad



Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This Could Be Avoided!!!!...


- Forbes, 09.08.09

Tuesday, September 8, 2009



What do you expect, when you use debt for money?
I had better be more debt - it's a mathematical certainty.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Financial Genocide?

Webster's Dictionary
geno-cide: the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group.

Q: Are the mega bankers engaged in a crime against humanity?
A: Is it deliberate, systematic, destruction?

You are witnessing a deliberate, systematic, controlled destruction, of the US economy.

Multi-National, Corporate, Banker-Run, Genocide.
When it is all said and done, what will you have "conquered"?
What will you "rule" over?
A giant, toxic, evil, psychopathic, corrupt, prison of greed and sin.

Look 50 pages deep. LOOK!
Who do you think finances this?
Who could stop it?


What we know:
1. If something exists, it was created.
2. Money exists.
3. Therefore, money is created.

Once "money" is created, it has to be introduced into the economy for us to be able to use it and there are only 3 ways to get the new money into the economy.
1. Gift it in.
2. Loan it in.
3. Spend it in.

Think about it.

Each has its pro's and con's.
Here's the executive summary:

Gift it in? Loss of value.

Loan it in? Unpayable interest and inevitable financial collapse.

Most people have been conditioned toward 2 responses:
1. "Spending" is bad!
2. We need to "spend" more!

But both groups ignore one fundamental and extremely vital fact. The fact that, right now, ALL of our money is created as a loan to someone. It is ALL debt. No debt, no money. So ALL of our money, in the aggregate, has to be paid back. Plus interest! Now the dirty little secret: there is no "plus interest" in the economy, only the original borrowed principal. We have to borrow to pay the interest. Impossible.

Before you "spend" you have to borrow! So, it's not the "spending" that the first group fears that's bad, it's the borrowing that comes first, that's bad.

Before you "spend more" you first have to borrow it, going further into debt! And that's what's bad about "spending more".

Spend it in? In other words, create it, debt free, and spend it in to the economy for the things we need and use. Only one catch - the things MUST be a benefit to ALL PEOPLE. Otherwise one group gets an unfair advantage over another.

If you "Spend It" into the economy (without first borrowing it), you have to "buy" something, and by doing it this way, production must match the spending (there must be something to buy!). Therefore, it's non-inflationary. Jobs are created - don't we need that? The people become wealthier because the new money is not a loan and does not have to be paid back - it stays in the economy so we can use it, save, invest, etc.. Spending it in does NOT create more debt; when spent on high quality infrastructure, it creates more wealth.

See Article 1, Section 8. (Congress can "coin", or create, money for roads).
Compare that to the illegal debt mess we live under now.

If we spend it in, for the highest quality infrastructure (roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, levees, electric grid, hydrogen fuel, rail, desalination plants, desert compost zones, smart lights, airports) we will live in a safer, cleaner, "richer" and more environmentally gentle country.

Imagine the possibilities.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

$50 Billion Short in Minnesota.



You Have GOT To Be Kidding...

Oh no, he's serious.

Auditing The Federal Reserve Is a "Line That We Don't Want To Cross".


White House Shocker!

White House:

Do you know why?
Because we have allowed them to use DEBT for money.
What does that mean? It means:
In order for money to exist, it must first be borrowed by someone.

But it does not have to be that way.
If we used "Value Enhanced Infrastructure" as the base for our money, instead of debt, we WOULD HAVE NO DEBT.

It would work on the same principals as gold, but does not have the downside of gold - namely, there is not enough of it to run an economy this size.
Gold = no production, no money.
Value Enhanced Infrastructure Rebuild = no production, no money.

It is NOT necessary to tax the people.
Why? Because Congress can create its own money (Article 1, Section 8).

It is NOT necessary to run deficits.
Why? Because Congress can create its own money (Article 1, Section 8).

It is NOT necessary to increase the debt.
Why? Because Congress can create its own money (Article 1, Section 8).

It is NOT necessary to be a nation of debt slaves.
Why? Because Congress can create its own money (Article 1, Section 8).

It IS necessary to enact legislation that will allow an additional source of money - THAT IS NOT BORROWED!
Here is that Legislation:

Direct funding - NO debt.
Economic Stability.
One problem: The banks lose the power to ruin your life and your country.

You must chose between these two:
1. Banks own all of the money and you do all of the work - they own the work too.
2. Congress creates the money, Constitutionally, and the people own the money AND the fruits of their labor.

Doing NOTHING is a choice for banks to own everything.

Can you imaging, trying to use debt to get out of debt?
Can you imagine borrowing your way to prosperity?

Apparently, our elected officials can imagine that.
They are mistaken.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

History of the Money Changers



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Guns and Groceries.

Here's What You Must Do:
Decrease The Time You Read and Listen to "The News" by 50%.
Spend That Time on This Blog Learning The Real Solution.

If You Dont Get Educated On This Specific Economic Fix... If Enough of You Don't Learn the Truth, and Stop Falling For Their Phony "Printing Too Much Money" Bit, and Their "Inflation" Scare, and You Let Them Further Distroy Our Economy, You May Soon Face Armed Guards, In One Way Or Another, At The Grocery Store.



Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oh Yeah... Clearly, This Is A Solution.

More Debt? Sure! Why Not?

Most Americans Are Asleep.
Steal All You Can!

Geithner Asks To Raise U.S. Debt Ceiling?


More Theft

"Driving" the Debt.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

$1.4 Quadrillion Dirivatives Collapse?

This is 1 Quadrillion U.S. Pennies

What happens when this collapses?



In TARP Bailout money.

Brings the GRAND TOTAL (as far as we know) to:


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Answer to TARP is CARA


Chinese Asset Repurchase Act

SOLUTION: Pass legislation that REQUIRES the Federal Reserve to buy back ALL of those Treasury Securities and makes those securities a liability of the Federal Reserve.
Do it now.

True or False: The House and Senate approved, and the President signed into law, a bill authorizing $700 Billion to repurchase "troubled assets". This money is to be borrowed against future US taxes. They called it TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program). The Federal Reserve system had no difficulty whatsoever creating that brand new money (why would they, they make it up on a computer keyboard and deposit electronic digits into accounts.)


True of False: The Chinese hold US Treasury Securities ($801.5 Billion).

TRUE. (some people consider that to be a good investment)

True or False: Congress could pass a law requiring the Federal Reserve to buy back all of that outstanding debt. Also, make the debt a liability of the Federal Reserve.

TRUE. (The Federal Reserve does this all the time when they enter the open market to buy Treasury securities.)

So. Do it.

Let the Fed hold the debt (remember it's a good investment...).

Now, do the same with all outstanding Treasuries. Pay them off.

The Fed would then hold the debt.


1. The US foreign debt is effectively zero.

2. All bond holders get paid - in real money (as real as it gets now, anyway...)

3. The Federal Reserve now holds ALL of the US Treasury debt.


1. Audit the Federal Reserve. If their new found liabilities make them insolvent - disband them.

2. Pass legislation that authorizes states to monetize production of infrastructure and get busy rebuilding our country - DEBT FREE!

3. Begin trials for fraud and theft by deception.

The illegal institution that has brought so much trouble to every nation on the earth, will be no more.

States can seize their remaining assets and infrastructure, implementing the key principals that are detailed in this blog.

A debt free and prosperous society will follow and liberty will gradually return to the people as their labor will be paid for in debt free money.

Q: What can people do?

A: Pretty much what they decide to do.

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Man Among Men.

A Message to Most American Men: Get A Pair.

This is what courage looks like.

This young man has more balls then most of our elected officials. He perceives a threat to his country - he moves to protect it.
Look at him. Don't you wish you had this much courage?
He may be a boy - but this day, he stood as a man among men.
Bottom line: Your country is under attack, both financially and constitutionally. Your money, your property and your liberty has been, and is being, stolen.
Turn off "the game" and get in the game. Put down the beer and be aware. Stop taking trash and start talking solutions.

The message on this blog can fix our broken economy and help protect our country.

What can you do? To quote a scene with Brando, "You Can Be a Man!"

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Not New - But It's Happening Again!

1934 Chicago Tribune

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dictatorship Proposed for the U.S.

Dictatorship of the Banks.  By The Banks.  For The Banks.

No. You Do Not Get To Vote On It.

Sleep If You Want To - You Have All But Lost Your Country.
Why?  Because You Are Asleep.

You Are Being Rolled.
You Are Being Raped - Financially.
Right NOW!

But, stay asleep.
You And Your Children And Your Family And Friends Don't Need A Country Ruled By Laws, A Country Based On Liberty And The Constitution.  Naa.  Not When You Can Have A Country Ruled By Unelected Bankers THAT DON'T GIVE A DAMMM ABOUT YOU!

Now - Get Out Of The Way, And Get Back To Work.
They Have Things They Want To Do.

Could This Be One Of Your New Dictators?

David Rockefeller

He has a hobby - you might say.




Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How Do You Know When It's Too Much Power?

Mark this down.
An entity, operating in The United States of America, has too much power when:

It makes its own rules

It cannot be audited

It is accountable to no one

It can make its own money

It is able to finance evil

It can crush our economy

It has no allegiance to the people of the United States


It lies to you, as a matter of policy

It steals your substance

It continually seeks more power


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How Much Time Left Until You Lose Everything?

Adapting to a
New World Order -

You Don't Have Much Time Left Before You Are Totally Assimilated.

You will lose your retirement, your property, your liberty... and worse.

More of the "elite" (yuk) meet to decide your fate in Montreal. It's about money and power and you will lose if you don't wake up.

We need to passage of

Read about it on their own web site:

Friday, June 5, 2009

Audit The Fed?

Gaining Momentum... But.

Bloomberg article says Fed to hire PR firm to deflect attention.

If you audit the Fed, it will show the scam.

It will require access to SEC Files, many of which were
destroyed in the WTC 7 Collapse on 9/11.

You had better have a system in place
BEFORE you take down the Fed in an Audit.

Here's the pre-audit system (put it in the audit bill when it gets to comity):

1. Pass a law requiring the Federal Reserve to buy back ALL US FOREIGN DEBT and ALL "Toxic Assets". Now the Federal Reserve Bank holds all the foreign debt and foreign countries have been paid - in real money. US foreign debt is now ZERO and the dollar is stronger by many factors. The Fed would then also hold all the toxic debt it participated in creating.

2. Pass Versions of The MINNESOTA TRANSPORTATION ACT in every state. This will put the power to create a medium of exchange where it belongs, with the people. It will spur an infrastructure rebuild and a massive economic boom. States can rebuild their infrastructure in a way that is gentle on the environment and develops new technologies. Now, each state will have their own source of money and near zero unemployment - along with a balanced budget, far lower taxes and no infrastructure debt!

3. Repudiate the debt held by US citizens that was generated by fraud and theft by deception (fractionalizing debt/Federal Reserve act of 1913 and related legislation). Now the US citizens own their property free and clear. Property Rights = Liberty. (By the way, this does not hurt you as much as what's happening now and will be the biggest stimulus package of all time. You will "profit" also. This idea needs your support. Think about it - most of you have seen your wealth cut in half in the last 18 months. The current system is going to drag you down no matter what level of wealth you are at - unless you help change it.)

4. Tax the banks that have received the bailouts, 100% of the amount that they received, and repeal the bailout. Zero out the public debt, created by the bailout, with that money.

5. Institute a ban on speculation and computerized "black box" market trading - that is not "free market", it's a racket and it gives unfair advantage.

6. Do the audit. If it turns out that the Federal Reserve is insolvent and that there has been corruption in the leadership - we already have a system in place for that.

7. Fix The Social Security System. Since the Social Security System was started, we have been under the Federal Reserve Act. That means that IF you have gotten ANY "money" "paid" to you over your working lifetime, it has been a result of increased debt and therefore, if money is final payment, you have never been, as a people, fully paid for the work that you have done over the years. So, pass legislation that authorizes The Treasury to pay Social Security recipients directly, without debt.

RESULT: 1. Zero foreign debt, a stable Dollar, and an abundant and vibrant economic prosperity. 2. Vastly strengthened US economy. 3. Vastly strengthened economies of foreign nations. 4. Social Security fixed. 5. Federal Reserve "cleaned up".

If you audit the Fed, you had better have a goto plan. Gold won't work, there is not enough of it. The MINNESOTA TRANSPORTATION ACT will.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Genius. Sheer Financial Genius.


Fed Chair Warns That U.S. Could be headed for a "debt trap".
Ya Think??
Like saying the Titanic could be headed for a "little ice."

How are your new captains doing so far?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Letter To The President


A Letter To The President Of The United States

Right now, all money is created as debt.  Therefore, NO money is created to pay the interest on the initial principal.

If NO money is created to pay the interest on initial borrowed money that means we have to borrow to pay interest.

Borrow to pay interest?  Madness.

We simply can't borrow our way out of debt.

In addition, when a principal payment is made, that money is extinguished from circulation - it no longer exists for anyone to use.  That puts a constant drain on the economy and forces more borrowing.  No borrowing, no money.

SOLUTION: Monetize the Production of Infrastructure.

We need SOME money in the economy that is not initially created as debt - otherwise we can never pay off all of our debt and the debt must continue to grow (now our total debt exceeds the GWP or Gross World Product.  The whole world working all year can't pay our debt, how can a country in a deep recession pay it?  It can’t).  We can get debt free money into the system by "monetizing" the production of infrastructure. 

HERE'S HOW:  Pass a law to authorize the following:  1. The People need a bridge built (this will work with any infrastructure - roads, sewers, electric grid, desalination plants).  2. The RFP (request for proposal) is issued by the state or federal government and the bid process concludes with the winning bid.  3. Congress authorizes the Treasury to deposit newly created money, in the amount of the winning bid (electronic bookkeeping entries, just like they use now - only NOT as a loan.  New Debt Free Money), into the transportation account (state or federal).  4. The government entity receiving the new funds pays the contractors, just like they do now.  5. It's NOT a loan.  It's direct funding with newly created debt free money.  6. New money flows into the economy, creating jobs, stabilizing banks and growing the economy.  7. It is not inflationary because it is matched with production - the bridge!  That is real wealth (raw resources + innovation + labor) that everyone can use.  8. The government entity can use the same principle to pay for current projects and to buy back the existing bonds from bond holders and thus eliminate the debt on their books that goes for infrastructure, helping to balance their budget. 

BENEFITS:  Millions of Jobs/Stabilized Banks/Balanced Budgets/Increased Liquidity/Lower Taxes/Economic Leadership/And A New Infrastructure Rebuild! – Without Debt.

It's quite simple, actually.  Now, we have to borrow to have money.  We go deeper into debt and that causes a lot of problems for everyone - borrowers AND lenders.  So, stop.  Create some money that is not debt and does not benefit any special interest group - and everyone uses our infrastructure, so no special interest there!  So, pay for it outright, without borrowing (no need to when government can create their own money); stop hiking up the debt.  Banks do that right now - they create new money when they make a loan.  The bridge is an asset - real wealth!  Fund it directly with newly created money. 

There is NO logical reason to have a shortage of money when we can create all we need (it's a computer keystroke!). 

A change of mindset, really. It will not tear the fabric of the universe to have some debt free money in the system so that we can pay down some of this debt and put people back to work. 

"Yes We Can!"

Friday, May 29, 2009

Banks To Steal More of Your Money?

"I Am Stealing More of Your Money - Step Aside; It's For Your Own Good."
Banks To Take Your Money And Buy Toxic Assets From THEMSELVES!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dallas Federal Reserve Says:

"The Very Big Hole."

$99 Trillion Shortfall 
In Pensions and Health Care.

We Need Passage of 


Sunday, May 24, 2009

"I Mean It, I'm Getting Tough On This Budget."

Administration cracks down on run-away spending with... 

They know a sucker when they see one.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Russia Drops Dollar as Reserve

Euro Trumps Dollar in Russia
US Public Slumbers.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Take The Money - Or Else!

You Will Take The Money 
- And You Will Like It.

Banks Forced To Take Money 

- Then Assimilated.

Solution. Solution. Solution. Solution.


No Other Blog Has The Solutions That We Have

Debt-Based Money System? - WE HAVE THE SOLUTION
Social Security Broke? - WE HAVE THE SOLUTION
US Government Debt? - WE HAVE THE SOLUTION
Complete Infrastructure Rebuild? - WE HAVE THE SOLUTION
Securing Human Rights and Liberty? - WE HAVE THE SOLUTION
Water Shortages, Draught? - WE HAVE THE SOLUTION
Balance State's Budgets? - WE HAVE THE SOLUTION
Enhance "National Security"? - WE HAVE THE SOLUTION
Energy Independence? - WE HAVE THE SOLUTION
Help For Families? - WE HAVE THE SOLUTION
Forward Thinking, Positive, Market Friendly, Pro American 
Getting involved? - WE HAVE THE SOLUTION

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