Monday, June 29, 2009

A Man Among Men.

A Message to Most American Men: Get A Pair.

This is what courage looks like.

This young man has more balls then most of our elected officials. He perceives a threat to his country - he moves to protect it.
Look at him. Don't you wish you had this much courage?
He may be a boy - but this day, he stood as a man among men.
Bottom line: Your country is under attack, both financially and constitutionally. Your money, your property and your liberty has been, and is being, stolen.
Turn off "the game" and get in the game. Put down the beer and be aware. Stop taking trash and start talking solutions.

The message on this blog can fix our broken economy and help protect our country.

What can you do? To quote a scene with Brando, "You Can Be a Man!"