Monday, March 30, 2009

Get 'Em Representative Bachmann!!!!!


Some Elected Officials Are All Bark and No Bite.
Meet The Teeth of the US House of Representatives.
That's Right - From Minnesota!
She has more b@lls than nearly all of the men up there - put together.
Get 'Em Michele!

At about 1:40'ish you can hear Bernanke say 
"I don't know where the $10 Trillion dollars comes from..."  

At 3:10 of the video...
Listen to the Treasury Secretary say "YOUR" government.
"...because of the absence of that authority, your government was faced with no good options..."

YOUR Government?

1. Does that mean he is not part of this country and therefore it is 
not "his" government?
2. Does that mean that he has no allegiance to OUR Government?
3. Well, it certainly means one thing - 
it means that if the Federal Reserve, 
though the Treasury, rapes 
(you - remember We The People?)
it is because enough of the American People don't step up, and like Representative Bachmann has, 
show some backbone, and support those who are trying to bring some accountability 
to these perpetrators of fraud and deception.

If Minnesota does NOT lead the nation out of this economic mess, 
it will be because enough Minnesotans stayed home on game day 
and let them win.

Support an idea that can change things for the good of the nation, like the MTA.

Grrrrowl a little bit.
Don't let them rob you.

It's YOUR Government!
Even The Treasury Secretary Knows That Much.