Friday, May 8, 2009


If You Live In California - Why Would You Sit By And Watch The Destruction Of Your State?
The Way To Fix It Is Right Here On This Blog.

California Can Create It's Own DEBT-FREE Money To Rebuild It's Infrastructure.
Just pass the law to do it.  
Use HF 888 as your template.

Jobs.  Balanced Budgets.  "Greener" Economy.   LOWER DEBT!

You do NOT need the banks "permission".
Pass the law.
Then, it's the law.
Then, California can lead the country out of this economic mess.

L E A D E R S H I P.

Fix It.

California has 1000 bridges that need immediate rebuild or replacement.
1000 bridges.

This can be done DEBT FREE.
Starting NOW.

While you're at it, rebuild the needed roads and corresponding sewers.

Oh, and rebuild your electric grid too.

Get an array of desalination plants built - you need the water.

Debt Free.

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Send an email to find out more.
You are running out of time.