Monday, April 20, 2009

KEY Document From The US Treasury


Common Stock? or Common Theft!

Convert TARP to Common Stock?  ARTICLE

Then they will sell the "stock".
After they do that, they will bankrupt the companies.

Do the research; find out when "Common Shares" get paid out in a bankruptcy.

Investors will hold the paper and the banks will walk with the money.

But, isn't that the way you want it?


You May Lose Everything. Everything.

What Does Everything Mean?
IF you are awake - wake others up!

Many of you are asleep.
Many of you are so ill informed or under-informed, it's offensive.
Some of you have been MISinformed.
Others of you have been intimidated by misinformants.
A few of you are bound to bad ideas or ill-fated schemes.

If you don't get on board with the solution put forth on this blog, here are some likelihoods:

The next few waves will knock out others in the economy that are hanging on.

We will be in a full blown depression - only this time, more people live in cities than farms and instead of the unemployed walking about in a suit and hat (back then, men wore a coat, tie, and hat, to a BASEBALL GAME! SEE PICTUREAND HEREAND HERE) they'll have their pants hanging around their backside and be wearing gang colors.  Lots of them.  For the smug, the gangs will be by to visit.  Just call 911.

Unemployment and competition for jobs increase.  So will drug use, crime and gang membership.

You may lose your job or work for less than you want or need - IF you can find work.

You may spend through your savings and have to take a hit on your 401K to make ends meet - if there will be anything left and if they don't change the rules and forbid withdrawals until retirement ONLY.

Yes, you may lose your "retirement".  They will be raiding the pensions soon.

You may have to move in with family to make ends meet, or the other way around - that's what people do without money and a job.  Or, they beg the government to help them.

Your rights, under the U.S. Constitution may be suspended, amended or erased as the country, in bankruptcy, is parceled and sold.  No room for a free and sovereign people there.

It IS coming.