Friday, May 14, 2010


America Could End Involuntary Unemployment.
Here's How:

1. Pass this legislation in your state: HERE
2. Umm... Yeah. That would do it.

What would happen?
  • States would take in bids for infrastructure projects (roads, bridges, etc.) using the same process they do now. Nothing need change there.
  • According to this new legislation, State Chartered Banks would create and deposit the money to pay for the new project - without creating it and then loaning it to the States (Face it, they create it now as debt, they could just as easily create is as a payment; we already have too much of the debt stuff.).
  • The new money would be deposited into the States Transportation Account. Now they have the money needed to rebuild their State.
  • Other States would follow.
  • We could rebuild America's crumbling infrastructure - debt free!
  • There would be a huge tech boom as we add value and technology that's gentle on the earth, to the rebuild. It would dwarf the space program.
  • Schools and research and labor and design and equipment and a better standard of living and JOBS!!
  • The new, debt free money that would flow into the States would stabilize our economy and allow us to pay down the debt, bring manufacturing jobs back to America and end unemployment.
  • America would be a role model for the world.
  • Other countries could adopt the same strategy and illegal immigration would slow dramatically - THEY WOULD HAVE JOBS THERE TOO!
  • The world economy would begin to right itself.
  • Oh yeah, and arrest the criminal bankers for fraud and financial genocide and never go down this phony bank-loans-nothing-and-collects-everything road again!
PS: While you're at it, build us a fleet of solar powered ships to clean up the mess that is developing in the oceans - I understand that there is some loose oil out there and millions of tons of plastic. Jobs. JOBS!!

QUESTION: What does man do?
ANSWER: Pretty much what he decides to do.

QUESTION: Why are we not doing this already?
ANSWER: YOU. Your apathy is why.

QUESTION: What can I do?
ANSWER: Get educated on how our money system actually works. Start right here on this blog. It's FREE. The legislation is already there - COPY IT and get it passed in your state! Take a leadership role - it is your country isn't it? 400 callers, calling day and night could get this passed. 400! That's it.

QUESTION: What will happen if I do nothing?
ANSWER: Banks are taking over - not governments. What will happen is already happening. You are becoming a bank slave and they are erecting a Police State here in the "Land of the Free". Will happen? No. It is happening.

Hey. You.
Fix this.
Get educated and get involved or lose everything.