Friday, October 9, 2009

It's Not The CO2 (plant food) It's The POLLUTION!

We Can
Fix The Infrastructure AND Clean The Planet.

This is a sample of ocean water in the middle of the TOXIC GARBAGE PATCH.

CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

You exhale CO2.
We all exhale CO2 and plant life needs it to survive.
It's part of the carbon life cycle - Water, CO2, Sun, Oxygen.

They have turned CO2 into the boogieman.
That way, everyone is an environmental criminal.
Then they can tax you as you breathe.

So, it's not the CO2...
It's the Pollution!

In both the Pacific and the Atlantic, there are toxic garbage patches.
Many thousands of square miles of plastic sludge.
A single poisonous patch is the size of the U.S.
There are several.


It's Time We Require Our Government
Not Only To Rebuild Our Infrastructure,
But To DIRECTLY FUND The Clean Up!

Don't borrow the money!
Create it - DEBT FREE!
Create the money to build the factories - debt free.
Create the money that will build the machines - debt free.
The newly created money would be tied to production, so there is no inflation.

Stop believing the lie that too much money is the problem.
Too much debt (and, the unpayable interest that comes with it) is the problem!
Besides, you've never met anyone who thought they had too much money.

The problem is in your mind - in your imagination.
Break your conditioning.
Change the way you think about the creation of money, and the fix will be obvious.
Create money as wealth to pay for infrastructure production,
instead of debt + unpayable interest.
If you don't change the way you think, and you hang on to the old toxic way of thinking, you will be part of the force that drives this economy and most other economies around the world,
into the

Imagine the new technology we could develop AND PRODUCE!
Just one example, we could develop and build solar/hydrogen powered robotic ships that could sail our oceans and "harvest" the plastics and toxins. Most of these toxins are floating near the surface, so they could be collected, bailed and packaged into floating bundles to be connected, and then collected by robotic barge, for reprocessing.

Imagine the new jobs and the increased standard of living.
Fix the infrastructure. Clean the planet.

Imagine how we could turn this entire situation around for our posterity.
It is our duty.

All we need to do is change our concept of money.
Change it from one of debt to one of wealth.
The cosmic fabric of the universe will not tear, if we have less debt.
Arrest your fear and stop listening to the phony "experts".
Use your head.
We create money NOW - we just allow banks to create it as debt.
Debt with unpayable interest is bad.
New debt-free money, put into circulation as direct payment for production of infrastructure that is available for, and a benefit to, everyone.

More benefit - more money.

Have you seen pictures of Detroit lately?
How about East St Louis, Las Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Miami, etc, etc...
Rebuild. Clean up. Fix the economy.

Do you like the choking debt??
Do you?
If not, work for a change.
This change:

we will be taking to first step toward honest money, prosperity, and a cleaner planet.

Demand Passage of