Monday, May 3, 2010

You Want Jobs? We Have The Answer.

U.S. Unemployment by County

It should be apparent that we cannot borrow our way out of debt, nor can we borrow our way into prosperity.
Don't you think we need a source of money that is debt free - that does not have to go back to the criminal banks (they never really had it to begin with) and drag interest with it?
Of course we do. We need a source of money that enters the economy as final payment and is not obligated to be two places at once (payment to the producer and payment to the banks)!
If you couple new money to production, it can't get into a dangerous hyperinflationary cycle. If that production is something that everyone needs (transportation infrastructure) and everyone wants (seen your roads and bridges lately?) then you have a solution waiting to happen.
If it puts millions of people back to work and uses the best technology (we would not have to skimp - we are not borrowing the money) to begin a high-tech, value added, infrastructure rebuild, TAX FREE, DEBT FREE, INFLATION FREE, what's the hold up?

  1. WAKE UP!
  2. Get Educated.
  3. Political muscle. (That means you guide the politicians to do the right thing)
  4. State Chartered Banks that return the profit to the people who do the work. (Not to private corporate banks - most of them offshore)
  5. Political leadership. (You need to get involved)

If you don't, you should realize that

1. You are in the middle of a hybrid fascist (banks/corporations own the government) takeover.


2. You should learn to love the fascist police state that you have allowed and explain to your child (one child policies could become mandatory in U.S. soon) that you were just a little too busy to protect our Republic from the criminal banking cartels – and don’t ever tell them how simple the solution was (stop using their stupid debt based money and start using wealth based money – duh!).


3. You should never again ask, how did the Germans let it happen, right under their noses? Never ask that. They just made denial, the party line and misinformation, a way of life.


If you would just dust the criminal bankers off your backside, you might actually be able to get somewhere and be able to offer your family a better, cleaner, less corrupted life.

Or, you can ignore the facts and let the bankers continue to financially rape you and steal your substance. You can listen to the misinformation on network and cable news (that the financial elite own), believe that the "other party" is at fault (Hey, haven't you noticed? The same stuff is going on under this guy as went on under the last guy you hated? WAKE UP! They work for the same people.).


That plan has gotten you this far:

1. Economic collapse

2. Nationalized banks

3. Nationalized insurance companies

4. Nationalized auto industry

5. Near record unemployment.

6. An ever-increasing police state.

7. Now they are coming for your retirement.

8. Look for them to buy off (bail out) the press and what's left of the media.

9. Then clamp down on the Internet (you don't need all of that information, now, do you?).

10. Followed by any other freedom and scrap of liberty you may have left.