Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ultimate Bedtime Story

...Giveth and Taketh Away.
Shawn wants to go to bed.
It's a bit chilly - cold, in fact.
She has no blanket.
I tell her that I have one.
I offer to loan it to her.
She needs a blanket, so she agrees.
She also agrees to pay interest.
I loan her a blanket.
About 2 AM, I come and take my blanket - plus a pillow case as interest.
Minutes later, she's cold again, so I loan her the blanket.
About 3 AM I come back for my blanket - plus a sheet as interest.
Minutes later, she's really cold, so I loan her a blanket.
At 4 AM I come in and take my blanket - plus the alarm clock as interest.

Q: How long can I play this game before I own everything that Shawn has?

Q: As long as she borrows it, does Shawn ever get to own the blanket?

Q: What makes you (We the People) think that you can borrow all of your money into existence (now, that IS how it's done) and ever expect to own it, and then, pay it all back, plus interest, and keep from losing your stuff? Remember, rights to your property = liberty.

That's how our money system works.
Banks own all the money.
Americans can only borrow it.
Beep... Beep... Beep... It's the alarm clock.

Time to wake up.