Thursday, May 27, 2010


Greece just got $2 Trillion from banks - $1 Trillion loan package from the E.U. and the IMF and $1 Trillion line of credit from the Federal Reserve.

Q: Where did that money come from?

a. The "vault" at the International Monetary Fund
b. Grandma's savings account
c. More fraudulent "bookkeeping entries" that they lent at interest. THEY MADE IT UP!! It was fabricated on a computer. They do not have it to lend. There is no vault with a Trillion Dollars in it. THERE IS NO VAULT WITH A TRILLION DOLLARS IN IT that they lend to FAILING NATIONS - and if there were, they WOULD NOT LEND IT TO FAILING NATIONS!!

(umm... the answer is c)

The Plumbing of a Global Crisis and HOW TO STOP THE MESS!


We Use DEBT for Money.
Slow The Lending, The Economy Dries Up.
It's Science.

How to fix it?


When you use debt as your money, there is always less money in the system (loan principal) than there is debt owed (principal + interest). In other words, there is more debt than money to pay it with.

Money to pay interest is NEVER created when a loan is made; the money to pay interest, therefore, comes from another borrowers loan principal. Choke off the lending and the recession or depression comes as sure as daylight.


Look at the illustration and imagine how it works.

Scr#w the "experts". They got you into this mess!
Can you borrow yourself out of debt?


Then why are they borrowing for a bailout. Borrowing for a stimulus. Borrowing for a program. Borrowing for a project. Borrowing to pay debt. Borrowing for the Pentagon. Borrowing for this. Borrowing for that.
Borrowing for a _________fill in the blank_________ .
ALL they do is borrow or cause borrowing.
More debt.

Because they have to keep water in the bucket to maintain their scam.
Dry bucket = angry, starving people.
Then what will you do?
Who will you call?
To whom will you write?

SUGGESTION: You had better get on board with this idea and get the necessary legislation passed. There are going to be some angry people at your door - and they WILL be hungry.

Why not just fix it and avoid all of that confusion and suffering?

You need wealth based money in the system.
Many TRILLIONS of it (right now we have none).
Almost $200 Trillion in the US alone, just to break even. We'd need nearly $200 Trillion in order to pay off what we owe, and our obligations - JUST TO HAVE NOTHING!

There's not enough gold in the world and you are running out of time.

Here is the only way that it will work:

By monetizing the production of infrastructure, you solve MANY problems at one time. That's the way to do it. Fix the leak. Increase the flow of money into the system - debt free, wealth-based money. Provide the jobs needed. Rebuild our manufacturing base. REBUILD OUR CRUMBLING INFRASTRUCTURE.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Black Box Algorithm. There is NO "Free Market".

Who or What is Your Competition In The "Market"?

It's This.

Find Out HERE.

Good luck with that.


Criminal Probe of AIG Dropped.


You Are On Occupied Soil.
Your country has been taken over by groups of illegitimate criminals.

There is no amount of criminality that they are not willing to excuse.
There is no amount of theft that they are not willing to condone.
There is no amount of abuse they are not willing to allow.
There is no amount of evil that they are not willing to cover up.

Why do they do it?
Why do they get away with the continual rape of our country?
Because there is no amount of criminality that the "American People" are not willing to excuse.
Because there is no amount of theft that the "American People" are not willing to condone.
Because there is no amount of abuse the "American People" are not willing to allow.
Because there is no amount of evil that the "American People" are not willing to cover up.

I don't believe that I have ever run into you at the Minnesota State Capital, trying to get the SOLUTION passed? I don't believe that I have gotten any emails from you or your group of 5, or 10, or 100, that are willing to help get this passed. Instead, you bitch and moan about how things are. What, do you need a topic to discuss at the water cooler so badly that you refuse to be a man, a woman, an American, and take responsibility for fixing this mess? I think we both know the answer. You are allowing criminal bankers and their sidekick lawyers and politicians to destroy our country because you refuse to get educated on the problem: HERE'S THE PROBLEM.

The solution is simple and can be started at once.

You should lock yourself in a room and turn off your phone and read THIS. Read it until you get the magnitude of the issue. Reread it until it sinks in. Read it until you really understand what it says. Read it and then ask yourself what it really means. Then place your order for this BOOK. Get yourself educated. Period. Paragraph.

They are kicking our tail and taking our stuff because they are working a scam and we are looking in all the wrong places for the answers. It's not about the "markets" - we have no free markets. What we have is institutional investors using black-box trading algorithms making trades 24-7 at the speed of light from servers located on Wall Street! Before you EVER get the information, they have executed thousands of trades per second and can manipulate the market any way they please. See HERE and HERE.

The vault door is open. The guard (you) is asleep outside on the lawn; a beer in one hand and a remote control in the other - a phone in his ear and nothing in his brain. If the bandits are shuttling valuables out of the vault and making a clean get-away, does not the guard have a major part in the crime? Is not the guard complicit through his negligence? You are supposed to guard this Republic. When you do nothing to safeguard your own liberty, don't be surprised when the destroyer comes, time and time again, for the loot.

Don't worry, your retirement is safe with them. So is your justice sys... err... I mean legal system... and your Bill of Rights - all safe.

Now, have another drink, go back to sleep and believe the nice lady on TV. Slllleeeeeeeepp.

"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn."

Friday, May 14, 2010


America Could End Involuntary Unemployment.
Here's How:

1. Pass this legislation in your state: HERE
2. Umm... Yeah. That would do it.

What would happen?
  • States would take in bids for infrastructure projects (roads, bridges, etc.) using the same process they do now. Nothing need change there.
  • According to this new legislation, State Chartered Banks would create and deposit the money to pay for the new project - without creating it and then loaning it to the States (Face it, they create it now as debt, they could just as easily create is as a payment; we already have too much of the debt stuff.).
  • The new money would be deposited into the States Transportation Account. Now they have the money needed to rebuild their State.
  • Other States would follow.
  • We could rebuild America's crumbling infrastructure - debt free!
  • There would be a huge tech boom as we add value and technology that's gentle on the earth, to the rebuild. It would dwarf the space program.
  • Schools and research and labor and design and equipment and a better standard of living and JOBS!!
  • The new, debt free money that would flow into the States would stabilize our economy and allow us to pay down the debt, bring manufacturing jobs back to America and end unemployment.
  • America would be a role model for the world.
  • Other countries could adopt the same strategy and illegal immigration would slow dramatically - THEY WOULD HAVE JOBS THERE TOO!
  • The world economy would begin to right itself.
  • Oh yeah, and arrest the criminal bankers for fraud and financial genocide and never go down this phony bank-loans-nothing-and-collects-everything road again!
PS: While you're at it, build us a fleet of solar powered ships to clean up the mess that is developing in the oceans - I understand that there is some loose oil out there and millions of tons of plastic. Jobs. JOBS!!

QUESTION: What does man do?
ANSWER: Pretty much what he decides to do.

QUESTION: Why are we not doing this already?
ANSWER: YOU. Your apathy is why.

QUESTION: What can I do?
ANSWER: Get educated on how our money system actually works. Start right here on this blog. It's FREE. The legislation is already there - COPY IT and get it passed in your state! Take a leadership role - it is your country isn't it? 400 callers, calling day and night could get this passed. 400! That's it.

QUESTION: What will happen if I do nothing?
ANSWER: Banks are taking over - not governments. What will happen is already happening. You are becoming a bank slave and they are erecting a Police State here in the "Land of the Free". Will happen? No. It is happening.

Hey. You.
Fix this.
Get educated and get involved or lose everything.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010



It Can Be Done.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Audit the Fed? I Got Your Audit The Fed Right Here!

Today, the U.S. Senate voted 62 to 37 against an amendment to allow greater transparency at the Federal Reserve.

That's the real news.
They tried to give us the slip with their phony 96-0 vote to Audit the Fed (er... I mean Audit the Fed's role in the missing $2 Trillion in Bailout Money only).

Not so fast you slippery criminals.
That is not what we needed!

If you voted to audit the Fed's office supplies, would you say: "See, we voted to audit"!
Yes, you would.

Phony. Fake. Weak.
The US Senate has worked to deceive the American People.

These bankers are raping us six ways from Sunday and the Senate is going to give them a pass.

96-0 to Audit the Fed is DECEPTION!

Goldman Sucks


Financial Terrorism in the US

Goldman Sachs Market Rigging Has Global Consequesces



Friday, May 7, 2010

WHAT? Minnesota Out of Money??

How Pathetic.

Minnesota Cut Back to "Core" Services Only.

The only explanation is compete and total

Minnesota is THE State that can fix this - right now!
In fact, the Governor and most all of the Minnesota Legislature has heard our proposal.


So, they will preside over the economic downfall
because they have been intimidated by the bankers.

They are too timid and have let the banking lobby intimidate them.
I know this for a fact because I was personally told by a MN Representative that the banking lobby had sent people to come behind us and spread disinformation.

I challenged the banking lobbyists to a debate.
They lost the debate.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Enough Is Enough. Arrest The Criminal Bankers And Give The People An Honest Money System!

Anger In Greece Explodes.


Simply Monetize The Production of A Much Needed, High-Tech,
Value Added, Earth Friendly, Infrastructure Rebuild.
There is NO OTHER solution.

Not more debt - that's obvious, right?
Not gold - there is not enough to do the job.
Not Bonding - it's more debt.
Not Taxing - the poor don't, the middle class can't and the rich won't.

State Government (you) must
National and Federal Government Will Not.

If police and military ever figure out who the real criminals are,
this madness could end in a flat second. Pray their oath was as serious to them as it was to the founders (lives, fortune and sacred honor).

1. Educate the Police and Military.
2. Arrest the criminal bankers.
(Article 1, Section 8 - US Constitution)

Oh, and turn off the parrots and con-men on cable and network news - they are lying to you.
Lying about the problem and the solution. What good can come from that?

All The Gold In The World.

How Much Gold Is There?

According to the World Gold Counsil, at the end of 2009, all the gold ever mined amounts to about 165,000 tonnes.

1 tonne weighs approx. 32,150.72 troy ounces.

165,000 tonnes x 32,150.72 troy ounces per tonne = 5,304,868,800 troy ounces.

Today's spot price (May 5, 2010 close of business) = $1,175.60

5,304,868,800 troy ounces


$6.236 Trillion

Now, look me in the eye and
with a straight face tell me
that you can
run a world economy on $6.25 Trillion.

You Cannot.



There IS enough dirt, steel, concrete, innovation and labor.

Dirt and steel comes from the ground just like the "sacred" gold, takes labor to get it to market, just like the "sacred" gold, and can be made into something people want (roads and bridges, dams and levies, airports and rail, ports and desalination plants, electrical grids and refineries), just like the "sacred" gold can. Infrastructure uses the same principle. And it's not free - it takes a lot of work! But it would be DEBT FREE!

I understand we have plenty of people who would like a good job.
Good. No shortage of labor.

How about you stop "worshiping" the shiny yellow stuff and start using some common sense. Infrastructure can support a monetary system.

Let's get busy rebuilding this place (and YOUR place) it's crumbling around us. And it's about time to stop making excuses - those are for wimps and criminals.

Fix it.

Here's How:

Monday, May 3, 2010

You Want Jobs? We Have The Answer.

U.S. Unemployment by County

It should be apparent that we cannot borrow our way out of debt, nor can we borrow our way into prosperity.
Don't you think we need a source of money that is debt free - that does not have to go back to the criminal banks (they never really had it to begin with) and drag interest with it?
Of course we do. We need a source of money that enters the economy as final payment and is not obligated to be two places at once (payment to the producer and payment to the banks)!
If you couple new money to production, it can't get into a dangerous hyperinflationary cycle. If that production is something that everyone needs (transportation infrastructure) and everyone wants (seen your roads and bridges lately?) then you have a solution waiting to happen.
If it puts millions of people back to work and uses the best technology (we would not have to skimp - we are not borrowing the money) to begin a high-tech, value added, infrastructure rebuild, TAX FREE, DEBT FREE, INFLATION FREE, what's the hold up?

  1. WAKE UP!
  2. Get Educated.
  3. Political muscle. (That means you guide the politicians to do the right thing)
  4. State Chartered Banks that return the profit to the people who do the work. (Not to private corporate banks - most of them offshore)
  5. Political leadership. (You need to get involved)

If you don't, you should realize that

1. You are in the middle of a hybrid fascist (banks/corporations own the government) takeover.


2. You should learn to love the fascist police state that you have allowed and explain to your child (one child policies could become mandatory in U.S. soon) that you were just a little too busy to protect our Republic from the criminal banking cartels – and don’t ever tell them how simple the solution was (stop using their stupid debt based money and start using wealth based money – duh!).


3. You should never again ask, how did the Germans let it happen, right under their noses? Never ask that. They just made denial, the party line and misinformation, a way of life.


If you would just dust the criminal bankers off your backside, you might actually be able to get somewhere and be able to offer your family a better, cleaner, less corrupted life.

Or, you can ignore the facts and let the bankers continue to financially rape you and steal your substance. You can listen to the misinformation on network and cable news (that the financial elite own), believe that the "other party" is at fault (Hey, haven't you noticed? The same stuff is going on under this guy as went on under the last guy you hated? WAKE UP! They work for the same people.).


That plan has gotten you this far:

1. Economic collapse

2. Nationalized banks

3. Nationalized insurance companies

4. Nationalized auto industry

5. Near record unemployment.

6. An ever-increasing police state.

7. Now they are coming for your retirement.

8. Look for them to buy off (bail out) the press and what's left of the media.

9. Then clamp down on the Internet (you don't need all of that information, now, do you?).

10. Followed by any other freedom and scrap of liberty you may have left.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's Not The Heat, It's The World Government!

and HERE

1. The Financial Crisis is engineered.
2. The SOLUTION is simple (monetize the production of high-tech, Earth friendly infrastructure), available today and will SOLVE THESE ISSUES.
3. You can see that they are not pursuing a solution, but deepening the problem.
4. Therefore, at some very high levels, there is a desire for this "financial crisis".

Say good-bye to your liberty and "freedom", if you permit their success.
Lear all you can: Read This Book