Friday, March 26, 2010

Debt 90% of GDP?


90% of GDP. So, is it possible to get out of this debt at these ratios? Cutting wages and sending jobs overseas will help us pay off this debt? U.S. Treasury securities getting downgraded? Bailout bonanzas? Dissolving our auto industry and using taxpayer money to ship it to other countries? Open borders driving wages down? Opening another front in the Middle East? Maybe two? And pay off a debt that's 90% of GDP?

1. You have a monetary system supported by wealth (same principle as gold, except with our proposal, there is actually enough to get the job done!).
2. You put the people back to work building things that we need and are gentle on the planet.
3. You do NOT loan the money from this new monetary system into circulation, but instead spend it in for the completion of the infrastructure rebuild.
THEN, you COULD pay it off.

Sunday, March 21, 2010




Sunday, March 14, 2010

Problem. Solution.

Listening to some self proclaimed "experts" talk on the economy a few days ago, they agreed that among the most important things to bring a strong economy is JOBS.

As if jobs just "happen" or are brought about by the correct political incantation.

Our monetary system is a failure.
Our nation's infrastructure is crumbling.
We need "jobs"

Our monetary system is a failure because it is a debt based system and cannot survive. It's a mathematical certainty. Spreading over the centuries, from England, to the U.S., and across the world, we now face a world wide economic crisis with cities, states and nations failing.

We need to transition to a wealth based system - immediately. Gold is wealth, so is silver, but there is not enough of it to support the U.S. Economy, let alone the world economy. Gold is "wealth" because it combines labor and raw resources to produce something that someone wants. So, too, iron, steel and concrete are pulled from the earth and can be fashioned into products that people want - roads and bridges. Therefore, an economy can be supported by this nearly unlimited supply of wealth.

Taking this wealth and launching an aggressive "Value Added Infrastructure Rebuild" will provide all the jobs needed in every single major city and town on the planet and using value added and earth-friendly (who wants to live in a dump) technology will produce a tech boom that will dwarf the space program.

We can make the obvious changes that need to be made and rebuild the infrastructure that we can imagine - debt free. Or, we can struggle under the delusion that the banks "have" money that we need to borrow, when in fact they make the stuff up, at will, on a computer.

The problem is what we use for money. Time for an upgrade.

US Debt Clock

Of course we can borrow our way out if this... Right?


Monday, March 1, 2010

Yeah... You Should Watch It.


Then, for the rest of the story, you should read this: