Thursday, January 15, 2009

Debt Free Infrastructure - Tax Free Funding

We Can Fund Our Bridges and Roads Using
The Principles of the MTA.

We Can Fund The Nation's Aging Electric Grid Using
The Principles of the MTA!

We Can Fund Our Rail Projects Using
The Principles of the MTA!

We cannot afford for the incoming administration to borrow the money to pay for theses needed rebuilds and improvements. 

Soon, we will not be able to pay the interest on our debts - we may be there now!

Definition: MONETIZE

Monetize means that we agree that something is money.

If I sell my pen for a dollar, some say that I have monetized my pen. 
Not so.

If we agree that my pen is money, then we have monetized my pen.

The MINNESOTA TRANSPORTATION ACT monetizes the production of infrastructure.

DNA Breakthrough!

Scientists Splice Genes.

Scientists at The University of Artesian Science, Polytechnic, have perfected a genetic splice between a mammal, a bird and a $100 bill, allowing the creature to lay bags of money, in place of eggs.

This development means that we can increase the money supply without borrowing and going deeper into debt!

Wait... This just in.

Sorry, money is still only created by banks when they make loans.

It seems the only way to get money into the system that is not a debt, is to change the law.

We'll follow this story and keep you posted on the details.