Wednesday, December 31, 2008

CSA - Crime Scene Analogy

Who done it?  

But first, where did they do it, when did they do it and how did they do it?

The "Experts"
I spent the early afternoon listening to economic "experts" on the radio. I'll have to say is, if you want guaranteed confusion and misinformation - do that - listen to the "experts" in the media. They talked about the economy, what's wrong with it and what they think needs to be done to fix it.  But, they kept stepping over the main issue to get to some issue of far less importance. Then, they would take several segments talking about this less significant part, with a level of understanding that is an embarrassing jumble of slogans, misinformation, pretzel-logic and that special brand of arrogant-ignorance that is so compelling, it makes you want to holler back at the radio! 

What rubbish. 

Let me illustrate: first off, few of them agree on the problem; so how can they fix a problem when they don't even agree on what it is? One says it's because we have too much money, another says it's because we are too greedy, another says that it's due to over regulation, yet another says it's not enough regulation, someone else says it's the Republicans, the next says it's the Democrats, one says the problem is socialism, another says it's the evils of capitalism, one says it's a great time to buy so put your money into the "market", the next says put your money into bonds, someone else says to keep it in a CD or in "cash", one says buy gold and the other says don't buy gold because there is a 3 week waiting period, this "expert" says that we are in for a long recession or depression - he's not sure which, the next one says they see a turnaround sometime soon.  Honestly.  What the *!%@&?#? Who can believe this garbage? Excuse my (*!%@&?#).  

You should demand more from an "expert". But first, as an economic crime scene detective, you will need to investigate this crime scene a little on your own.  Just a little bit of reading (start at the bottom of this blog and read it to the top), questioning, and personal observation and you will be able to tell when the "expert" is just yakking to fill time, in order to get a paycheck.  You will have a clear picture of the problem and the solution - it's not rocket surgery!

The economic "experts" make poor economic detectives and will never solve this crime by stepping over the body lying at the front door on the way to the living room, where they can talk in their own comfort zone about something they are comfy with, like how the remote for the big screen TV works. Metaphorically, that is what they are doing, in terms of "analyzing" the problem with our debt based economy- they are stepping over the main issue, that all of our money is debt, and talking about the common myth and folklore that they have heard someone else say. They seem content playing this role of the parrot, rather than hard investigation. Then, once they have settled on a script they will parrot, as one self appointed "expert" said, they investigate, not to find truth, but to "validate their own positions". These "experts" start with false assumptions and then set out to "validate" them. That's one reason none of them agree - they are just trying to show the other guy how "smart" they are and that they have all of the answers. Poor leaders - great nay-sayers. Poor detectives - great parrots. Many of them get an "A" for verbosity, but an "F" for content and logic.

Now, a Little Detective Training
Back to the scene of the crime. The crime in our economy happens at the front door.  That's where the body is - so to speak. That's where money comes into our economy. That's where we need to look to solve this crime. You, as a new, but smart, economic detective, shouldn't look further than where the body is, until you fully understand the subtleties of what you are seeing. So, too, in our economy, don't try to analyze what is going on in the derivatives markets, Open Market Policies of the Federal Reserve, or trade deficits and national debt to GDP ratios, until you first understand how money is created and how it gets into our economy. That makes ALL the difference and is the major clue to understanding how to solve this crime. So, don't step over that idea, until you really get it. In detective circles, they say that the dead do talk, if you know how to listen.  Likewise, in terms of what is going on in our economy and how to fix it, don't move on to another topic until you can get a firm hold on what is being said here. It is litterally so simple that most people step right over it and proceed to another issue.

Just the facts ma'am, just the facts: 
FACT: Banks create all money.  But only as a loan.
FACT: The Federal Reserve says so, The United States Treasury says so, MIT and Harvard economists say so.  It is so.
FACT: Work (production) is not the same as money; the money that we use now has to be created by banks as a loan for it to exist.
FACT: Work and money are different, and the banks only take interest payments in the form of money.
FACT: Media personalities, including the TV and radio "news" have no clue.

1. If ALL money is created as a loan, then, there is no money that did not originate as a loan.
2. If there is no money that did not originate as a loan, then all money is loan principal.
3. If all money is loan principal, then no money is available for interest payments - it's all loan principal!  
4. Under a system like that, we can NEVER get out of debt.  Ever. We can only borrow to pay interest.
5. Let's change the system so that it strengthens our economy and works for all Americans.  

You can help.  Email us to find out how.
Book 'em Danno.

Tax Cuts? How About Tax Elimination?

You should ask yourself this question: 

If your government can coin it's own money (it doesn't, but it can, and it should), why does it charge you taxes to build roads and bridges?

Good question, right?

Here are some of the taxes we can cut and eliminate  when we "Fix the Glitch", by enacting The MINNESOTA TRANSPORTATION ACT, as described in this blog.

In Minnesota:

Watchdog Groups or Just Pups Watching?

Theft by deception.  
Fraud and corruption.  
Violation of Rights.

I hear about so many different "watchdog groups", keeping a close eye out for government and corporate corruption and the like. Really?

Just wait until they hear what the banks have been up to!

Time to earn your chow, boys and girls.
Read this Blog, BOTTOM TO TOP, and then...
Sick 'em!

Monday, December 29, 2008

If Less Is More, Then, Nothing Is Everything!

Economist are fond of saying: "Inflation is caused by too much money chasing too few goods."

They say that if we just had less money, it would be worth more.

Perhaps if I set fire to all the money I have, I'd be rich!?

Money is not valuable because it is scarce, it's valuable because of what you can do with it. 

Have you ever noticed that it is only when YOU have "too much" money that they claim it's inflationary.  When the wealthy, the corporations and the banks have too much, it's just good business.

We must question these myths.
Then, we must act on truth.

Email to find out how you can help rebuild our economy. 

Monday, December 22, 2008

Crash Course in U.S. Economics

US Economists and Banking Officials meet to "crunch the numbers".

Well, the experts say it, so it must be true!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Classic Christmas Movie

In the 1946 film "It's a Wonderful Life", there is an interesting exchange between the main character, George Bailey, and the banker, Mr. Potter. 

Bailey's father, Peter Bailey, passed away and his son George, who had no real interest in running the family "Building and Loan", is leaving town for school.  The Board of Directors is meeting to decide the fate of the Building and Loan.  Potter is a... banker.  And he's on the board of the "Building and Loan" - his competition!  

While the film is Hollywood fiction from a different era, and it has plenty of misinformation (like lending out people's savings), it illustrates a few things:
  1. How every-day people, trying to live their lives, are dependent on the "good graces" of the banks, simply to survive.  The people do the work, the bank owns most of the stuff; and it steps on plenty of families along the way to owning more of the stuff.
  2. How the banks will turn the screws on people, using their fake-money at interest scheme, and call it "business".
  3. How good people can be subdued for lack of knowledge.  
  4. How this fraudulent money system meets with few robust challenges.
  5. How partnering with the fraudulent system, instead of changing it for the betterment of everyone, eventually harms everyone.
In this movie, they were being pounded between WWII, and the banks. Anyone see a pattern developing?

First 4 minutes:

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Letter to the North Pole?

Wonder if we'll get the truth - that our banking system is built on exponentially compounding debt and there is no way to pay it off?

Maybe we should change our money to a wealth based money, before we lose our nation to incompetence and greed?

................THE LETTER

Policy Makers Are Chasing The Wrong Model

Conflicting Data?

Our policy makers fail to understand that a debt money system cannot work without massive hardship to American Citizens.  They don't get it.

“It appears that policymakers are making a variety of mistakes regarding the current financial crisis. If that is the case, the policy tools that they are employing may very well be the wrong ones,”Octavio Marenzi, head of Celent and author of the report.
- CELENT Report, December 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

High Speed, "Bullet-Point" Review

. .

Let's Review

  • Banks create all money.
  • They do it when they make loans.
  • Banks only create the principal when they make a loan.
  • Banks never create money to pay interest when they make a loan.
  • Since banks create all of the money as loan principal, then money to pay interest on one loan, comes from someone else's loan principal.
  • Therefore, there is always more debt than money!
  • That means increased levels of bankruptcies.
  • Bankruptcies provide the system with money to pay interest - not taught in schools, but the truth.
  • This debt based money system, institutionalizes corruption.
  • When loan principal is repaid, it gets "extinguished".
  • Thus, we can never get out of debt - unless we change to a wealth based system.
  • Gold will not work as money - there is not enough of it in the entire world to pay off our debt.
  • If we paid off all the debt, we would have no money in circulation.
  • That's because we use debt for money.
  • 3 ways to get money into circulation - gift it, loan it or spend it.
  • You should be aware of the consequences of each.
  • We should "spend it, not lend it"
  • The Federal Reserve does not "print up" our money - it loans out "money"
  • Most of the money you see on T.V., rolling off the printing press, is to replace existing worn out Federal Reserve Notes.
  • "Velocity is what pays interest" - is a sham - a phantom explanation - money can't be principal and interest payments at the same time, no matter how fast it changes hands.
  • "Production pays interest" is a sham too. Production is not money - and you need money to pay interest, today. If you sell your production for money, somewhere in the system that money was borrowed, in order for it to exist.
  • Production and money are different.
  • A debt based money system, ensures that the one doing the loaning eventually gets the property.
  • The people doing the work, should get the property.
  • Property Rights are essential to a free people - the essence of liberty.
  • If you do all the work and someone else gets the property - that's slavery.
  • We should own our money.
  • Now, we don't.
  • But, we could.
  • There is a glitch in the way we finance infrastructure, if we "Fix the Glitch" it will heal our economy.
  • The MINNESOTA TRANSPORTATION ACT (MTA) will "Fix the Glitch".
  • The MTA can give us honest money, free of debt, interest and inflation.
  • The MTA will authorize the debt free funding of safe, modern bridges and roads.
  • The MTA can create millions of jobs, decrease and in some cases eliminate taxes.
  • The MTA is a robust solution that will showcase Minnesota leadership.
  • You can help!
  • Email us to find out how:

Ultimate Bedtime Story

...Giveth and Taketh Away.
Shawn wants to go to bed.
It's a bit chilly - cold, in fact.
She has no blanket.
I tell her that I have one.
I offer to loan it to her.
She needs a blanket, so she agrees.
She also agrees to pay interest.
I loan her a blanket.
About 2 AM, I come and take my blanket - plus a pillow case as interest.
Minutes later, she's cold again, so I loan her the blanket.
About 3 AM I come back for my blanket - plus a sheet as interest.
Minutes later, she's really cold, so I loan her a blanket.
At 4 AM I come in and take my blanket - plus the alarm clock as interest.

Q: How long can I play this game before I own everything that Shawn has?

Q: As long as she borrows it, does Shawn ever get to own the blanket?

Q: What makes you (We the People) think that you can borrow all of your money into existence (now, that IS how it's done) and ever expect to own it, and then, pay it all back, plus interest, and keep from losing your stuff? Remember, rights to your property = liberty.

That's how our money system works.
Banks own all the money.
Americans can only borrow it.
Beep... Beep... Beep... It's the alarm clock.

Time to wake up.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Freedom, Liberty and Human Rights

So, what is freedom and when are you free?

Freedom is ownership of your life, your time and your property.

"The three great rights are so bound together as to be essentially one right. To give a man his life, but deny him his liberty, is to take from him all that makes his life worth living. To give him his liberty, but take from him the property which is the fruit and badge of his liberty, is to still leave him a slave."
- George Sutherland, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, 1921.

If you do not own your money (we don't, the banks own it, you can just borrow it - don't forget to give it back, now...) and you must work for a "promise to pay" (debt money) instead of payment (wealth money), and you (We The People) have to give back all of the money that you earn (in debt payment because all money is created as a loan to someone), plus a little bit more (interest and taxes), what is that called? 
In other words, What is it when you do all of the work and someone else gets all of the benefit?
Who needs a messy plantation when they can loan you eletronic digits so that you can buy a mortgage that you'll pay for three times over. You may work even harder to "maintain good credit" than if you were on the plantation! 
It's called involuntary servitude.
It's slavery, without the chains.

OK - then that means it's illegal - by definition.

Not Enough Gold

Gold Standard?
The World Is Not Enough.
Do The Math:

All the gold ever mined = 158,000 tonnes
SOURCE (#37)

Now convert 158,000 tonnes to troy ounces

Answer: 158,000 tonnes = 5,079,817,957.8 troy ounces

Now divide that many troy ounces by the number of households in the US = 112,362,848
2008, Series 1 Estimate

5,079,817,957.8 troy ounces
divided by
112,362,848 households
45.21 troy ounces per household
gold price
$822 (on December 12, 2008)
$37,162 per household
(we don't)

OK, now, pay off your car and your student loan and your credit cards and your house and...
How much gold do you have now??

Wait now... What about National debt?
What about Social Security?

If you paid your debts with gold, who ends up with the gold?

When you found all the gold in the world, what did you buy it with?
Did you have to borrow that money?

All the gold ever mined is worth approximately $4.176 Trillion.
We owe $114.5 Trillion.
($53T government/personal/business + $53T unfunded liabilities + $8.5T 2008 spree)

There is not enough gold in the world, to clean up our debt.
We'd need over 27 times the entire world's gold supply, just to break even.

You had better get behind a solution that works on the same principles as gold (wealth based money) and implement that system. We are running out of time.

The MINNESOTA TRANSPORTATION ACT answers this need, and then some.

Email to find out how you can help:

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Borrowing Faster Then The Speed of Light

Light travels 186,00 miles per second.
That's almost 6 Trillion miles in a year.
So far, we have borrowed
$8.5 Trillion this year.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Bailout Riddle


Why do we borrow money from banks, to give that money back to banks in the form of a "bailout" - so that we can "free up the credit markets", so that people can borrow some money from the banks, and then pay it all back to the banks, plus interest?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

So, How Many Bridges Need Repair?


A Trail of Bread Crumbs

They say, "follow the money".

If you follow it to where it "becomes" money, you will be in a bank, as a loan is made.

"Money is created when loans are issued... ;
money is extinguished when loans are repaid".

  John B. Henderson, 
Senior Specialist in Price Economics, 
Congressional Research Service, 
Report No. 83-125 E 

Friday, December 5, 2008

America's Best Days Are Ahead.

But only if you get informed.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Consider who you are as an American. Consider requiring your government, and the banks, to fulfill their responsibility, by not hindering the Rights that are yours. You may have to learn what those Rights actually are. Do it.

Ask yourself, do banks, lending at interest and generating unpayable debt, hinder your Rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness?
  1. Life - 24 hours in a day. How many hours do you have to give, in order to pay interest and taxes on debt that starts out as electronic computer entries, lent at interest? Do you trade 8 hours a day? More? Do you work one job? More? How much money do you need to make things work in your household? More? When you trade your life for unpayable debt, you may want to ask this question: If you do all of the work and someone else gets nearly all of the benefit - what is that called?
  2. Liberty - "Freedom from arbitrary or despotic control and the positive enjoyment of various social, political and economic rights and privileges". Does this economic system, where you do the work and the banks get the profit, while many elected officials are sitting by (ignorant) or actually support it (complicit), deprive you of Liberty granted to you by The Creator, as noted in the Declaration of Independence? Perhaps some of them need to change the way they handle the Rights of The American People, or go get an honest job.
  3. Pursuit of Happiness - Financial stress is a major contributor to divorce in the US. Do the resulting broken homes cause devastating harm to large numbers of young people? Does this have any effect on our crime rate? What would our country look like after 4 generations with families able to make ends meet on one income - a parent able to afford to stay home, a vacation for the family or enough money to have an elderly parent cared for? Problems? If your "problems" can be solved by $15,000 in cash - they are not problems - they are cash flow issues. 
If you choose - and I mean choose, because there is enough information, on this Blog alone, to fix this problem - to stay ignorant on this issue, then who will there be to blame when they take your Rights (they have already taken your money)?

Our best days could be ahead, but you have to learn how to fix this issue, and help out, not just stand by.

Email to find out how to help:


When a person or business declares bankruptcy, the money they borrowed stays in the economy - because, as in Chapter 7 filings, those debts are "discharged" and the money does not get paid back to the bank.

Because it does not get paid back, it is that money that some will be able to get ahold of (maybe they sell a product or service) and can pay their interest.
So, bankruptcies provide money in the economy to pay interest on loans.

Here's where some of the money to pay interest on our debt comes from.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Serious Question

Honestly, name 5 things that there is a real shortage of - not an imagined or manufactured shortage.

Except for money.

We create money - why should we ever be short of money?

Think, think, think.

Why are we short of money?

Global Infrastructure Data


Is there a global need?

Check these reports:




Wednesday, December 3, 2008


What Would Sam Adams Say?

"Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: first, a right to life; second, to liberty; third, to property; together with the right to support and defend them in the best manner they can. These are the evident branches of the duty of self-preservation, commonly called the first law of nature."


"If you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your council, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."

- Samuel Adams

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

If All You Have is a Hammer...

...Everything Looks Like a Nail.

OK, so, today's headlines read:

FORD Requests $9 Billion Loan in Plan Submitted to Congress...



Data signal deep global downturn...

Manufacturing hits 26-year low...

Schwarzenegger declares fiscal emergency...

Treasury Yields Plunge to Lowest on Record...

In the face of this financial dilemma, caused by too much debt, 
what's their proposed solution?
"Let's borrow some more!"

All they know how to do is:
That is their entire plan.

Watch your thumb.

The Great Chase

Some say that inflation is caused by "Too Much Money Chasing Too Few Goods"?


Economists, talk show hosts and "experts", like to repeat that line. Over, and over, and over.

But, is it true?

The Federal Reserve said that in April 2008, our money supply was $7.7 trillion.


Lately, "financial leaders" (yikes!) have added, or are adding $8.5 trillion to our money supply.


Umm... I thought we were worried about having too much money?

Wow. They have just borrowed more money, than we have in our total money supply! And that money was a loan too!

Hmm... do ya think that will be a bit hard to pay off?

When the new round of borrowing begins to get paid back, prices will be bid up, not because there will be too much money, but because there is too much debt! - they will be sliding the prices upward to capture enough existing loan principal in ther economy, to pay the interest on their own loans.


You want to see inflation?
Wait until these new loans come due.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Tip of the Iceberg

What can debt-free, wealth-based, infrastructure funding be used for?

In addition to bridges and roads and the corresponding sewer systems:

  1. The Electrical Grid
  2. Green Energy
  3. Solar and Wind
  4. Fiber Optic Cable
  5. Energy Platforms
  6. Pipelines
  7. Geothermal
  8. Power Plants
  9. Airports
  10. Rail Transport
  11. Levies and Dams
  12. Ports
  13. Refineries
  14. Upgrades and Maintenance on the Above
  15. Personal Rapid Transit   CHECK IT OUT
Each time we use this principal to fund infrastructure we spend inflation free, debt free money into the economy. In other words, we all get "richer". There is more money to go around and we live in a better society.
That's just the beginning.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

So, You Think Outside The Box, Do You?

The Ashkelon Desalination Plant

This is a picture of one of the worlds best water desalination plants. It is capable of producing between 100 million and 400 million cubic meters of clean drinking water per year.

With the successful passage of The MINNESOTA TRANSPORTATION ACT (MTA), Minnesota will will soon have the most modern transportation infrastructure in the world - debt free. It will also have the most stable banking system, one of the lowest costs of living, the lowest unemployment rate, highest rate of people moving from welfare to work, highest savings rate, lowest gas prices, lowest tax rates, a dominating education and technology sector and some of the most forward thinking leadership in all of the world.

Soon after (I give it 48 hours before the first phone calls start coming in) the passage of the MTA, other states will want to repeat the successful law change allowing them to fix the glitch in their own infrastructure financing. They will repair their own roads and bridges. While Minnesota has 46 bridges that are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete and in need of immediate repair or replacement, Texas has 169 and California has nearly 1,000.

Alongside the roads and bridges that the state will pay for, outright, with newly created, debt free money, other infrastructure will be directly funded as well.

One of the most important projects to move forward on is water. Obviously, essential to all US Citizens. We need a network of desalination plants that can meet the needs of the US population and meet its agricultural needs. It makes great sense to have a back-up for dry times. Not too long ago, there was such a severe drought in Georgia that people were talking about evacuating Atlanta! No back-up is a very bad plan; especially when it comes to essentials like water.

Build them.

Build them so that they can be upgraded as new technology comes online and fund them - debt free - with the same principals detailed in the MTA. Pay the contractors, engineers, designers, inspectors, truck drivers, safety personnel, heavy equipment manufacturers (if you want heavy equipment that runs on hydrogen technology - fund the research!), uniform and equipment suppliers - they will spend that money into the economy and everyone will benefit, twice - first because new money will flow in and second because we get the desalination plants.

1. Build the desalination plants - some could be offshore.

2. Build a water pipeline from the Southern California coast up through the desert, through Nevada, Arizona, Utah, down to New Mexico and across to Texas and Oklahoma .  

3. Build a new freight rail and passenger rail system to several times the safety standards that exist now. Build the most high-tech, mag-lev, solar powered, hybrid, bullet-train system our scientists and engineers can devise.

4. Transform the old rail system into a waste management system and transport all agricultural, rural and urban, non-sewage, non-medical, compostable materials, not used by the localities, out to the desert.

5. Build composting, rotating-drum, rail cars to haul the compost and spray the waste with an eco-friendly enzyme so that the material is ready to till into the sand soon after it arrives.

6. Design and manufacture HHO powered mega tillers to till the compost into the sand - it won't be long before you will have a mix of sand and loam that will grow some of the best high-heat tolerant crops in the world.

7. Irrigate with the water pipeline.

8. Now export this technology to other areas of the world so that they can provide the food and the jobs for their people.

Food shortage?
Water shortage?

The MTA is a multi trillion dollar, world wide solution.

Box? Bah!

Friday, November 28, 2008

10,000 People In A Room - Work is Not Money.

Let's suppose that you have 10 people in a room and that each of these people has ten 1 dollar bills - that's $100. They can buy, sell and trade and seem to have enough money. Some may have a few dollars more, but there is enough to go around - the money supply is adequate for commerce.

Now, imagine adding 10,000 people to that room. Would there be a shortage of money? Of course; $100 is not enough money for 10,000 people to conduct their business.

Now, suppose that the 10,000 people work very hard, 20 hours per day and that they produce multiplied truckloads of wealth - good products that everyone can use.  How much money is there in the room?

Still $100.

Work does not increase the money supply.
Producing wealth, sometimes referred to as "production", does not increase the money supply.

In today's system, only borrowing increases the money supply.

Folding Our Way Back From The Sun


Q:  If you could fold a piece of paper that was .05 mm thick, in half, 50 times, how tall would the resulting stack of paper be?

A: Roughly 100 million kilometers, or 2/3 the way to the sun.  Fold it once more and the stack would be 50 million kilometers past the sun.

In terms of solving a problem that is working against you exponentially, reversing the process can yield very large gains.  In other words, unfold the paper just one time and the problem is half the size.

Our debt is growing exponentially.  "Compound interest" is working against us. We need to undo the damage.  
The MINNESOTA TRANSPORTATION ACT will begin to unfold our debt crisis, restore stability to our banking system, create jobs and reduce taxes. In addition, it's such a simple change and we could see results the first week it's passed.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Buddy, Can You Spare a Trillion?

"Of course I can drink myself sober -

they are trying to borrow us
out of debt, aren't they?"
Today they are announcing that they will borrow more money,
so that they can "unfreeze credit markets" - so that they can borrow some more.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Blink... Blink...

CBS News hits an "inside the park triple"!
Not quite a home run, but still, they are getting close to the answer.

Now, we just have to change a law allowing banks to do this without increasing the debt or taxes.

This is an idea who's time has come.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Time For An Upgrade?



The Federal Reserve Act passed the same year that sliced bread was invented - 1913.

Just The Interest!

U. S. Family of 4 Average Income
Share of Interest on America's Total Debt

By 2016, Average Household Income in America, 
will not be enough to pay the INTEREST on America's Total Debt.

Debt, Income & Interest, M W Hodges 
and U.S. Department of Commerce

Trouble at the Lemonade Stand

A game of lemons

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's This Simple

A. If money exists, it was created. All money is created by banks, when they make loans. They create brand-new money; they do not loan out deposits. If they did, you could not get your deposit until the loan was paid back!

B. Banks only create the principal when they make the loan - never the interest that needs to be paid back. Since banks create all of our money, and only as a loan, there is no money created to pay interest.
C. Money to pay interest comes from a loan made somewhere else in the system. So, we borrow to have money, then we have to borrow to pay interest on the borrowed money! And we wonder why we are in so much debt?

Lessons From Katrina


Sow the Wind,
Reap the Whirlwind.

"Naa... We've seen this before. Nothing to worry about."

"I know it looks bad, but what can we do?"

"Yeah, but, these types of things are natural."

"I just don't think about it..."

"I'm not a weather expert, so..."

"I don't know what to do!"

There is a financial storm on the horizon.
We are feeling the initial gusts now.
You can make all the excuses you can think up, and excuses that someone else thought up too. But sooner or later "We The People" will not be able to pay the INTEREST on our debt - no matter how they twist the dials or pull the levers. Forget ever trying to pay off the principal. Just the interest alone, estimates show, will be unpayable, by 2016.
Let that sink in.
What does our economy look like when over $100 trillion in debt collapses? Remember, 1 trillion seconds is 31,688 years. In some circles they are talking about a Quadrillion dollar derivatives market folding under the pressure.
Folks, seriously. We need immediate intervention; and it can't be in the form of any sort of loan - you cannot borrow/bond/tax your way out of debt.
Finger pointing, feet-dragging and jaw-jacking are not enough! Neither is claiming ignorance.
If you are an adult, it's time to have big-people thoughts on how money is created, how it's done now, and what to do about fixing it. Don't fold by saying "I really don't get it." Get it. It's your country.
There is enough information on this web site to fix it. Read it until you get it. If it just did not make sense - reread it. Email us to set up an appointment with your church. Send this site to a friend. Get the education, on money, that you were never given! It's really all right here, on this web site. Do it before you are neck deep in water and looking for someone else to blame.
Without a wealth based money system - one that is debt free and spent, not loaned, into the economy for the benefit of all Americans - we will take a direct hit from the certain and approaching storm.
Then what?