Friday, June 5, 2009

Audit The Fed?

Gaining Momentum... But.

Bloomberg article says Fed to hire PR firm to deflect attention.

If you audit the Fed, it will show the scam.

It will require access to SEC Files, many of which were
destroyed in the WTC 7 Collapse on 9/11.

You had better have a system in place
BEFORE you take down the Fed in an Audit.

Here's the pre-audit system (put it in the audit bill when it gets to comity):

1. Pass a law requiring the Federal Reserve to buy back ALL US FOREIGN DEBT and ALL "Toxic Assets". Now the Federal Reserve Bank holds all the foreign debt and foreign countries have been paid - in real money. US foreign debt is now ZERO and the dollar is stronger by many factors. The Fed would then also hold all the toxic debt it participated in creating.

2. Pass Versions of The MINNESOTA TRANSPORTATION ACT in every state. This will put the power to create a medium of exchange where it belongs, with the people. It will spur an infrastructure rebuild and a massive economic boom. States can rebuild their infrastructure in a way that is gentle on the environment and develops new technologies. Now, each state will have their own source of money and near zero unemployment - along with a balanced budget, far lower taxes and no infrastructure debt!

3. Repudiate the debt held by US citizens that was generated by fraud and theft by deception (fractionalizing debt/Federal Reserve act of 1913 and related legislation). Now the US citizens own their property free and clear. Property Rights = Liberty. (By the way, this does not hurt you as much as what's happening now and will be the biggest stimulus package of all time. You will "profit" also. This idea needs your support. Think about it - most of you have seen your wealth cut in half in the last 18 months. The current system is going to drag you down no matter what level of wealth you are at - unless you help change it.)

4. Tax the banks that have received the bailouts, 100% of the amount that they received, and repeal the bailout. Zero out the public debt, created by the bailout, with that money.

5. Institute a ban on speculation and computerized "black box" market trading - that is not "free market", it's a racket and it gives unfair advantage.

6. Do the audit. If it turns out that the Federal Reserve is insolvent and that there has been corruption in the leadership - we already have a system in place for that.

7. Fix The Social Security System. Since the Social Security System was started, we have been under the Federal Reserve Act. That means that IF you have gotten ANY "money" "paid" to you over your working lifetime, it has been a result of increased debt and therefore, if money is final payment, you have never been, as a people, fully paid for the work that you have done over the years. So, pass legislation that authorizes The Treasury to pay Social Security recipients directly, without debt.

RESULT: 1. Zero foreign debt, a stable Dollar, and an abundant and vibrant economic prosperity. 2. Vastly strengthened US economy. 3. Vastly strengthened economies of foreign nations. 4. Social Security fixed. 5. Federal Reserve "cleaned up".

If you audit the Fed, you had better have a goto plan. Gold won't work, there is not enough of it. The MINNESOTA TRANSPORTATION ACT will.