Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Raising Interest Rates and The Abusive Cult.

Here's How It Works

Here's the scam. When interest rates are raised, merchants and businesses need to raise prices to pay their loans (that's called inflation). Who is in charge of raising interest rates? The banks. Banks should not be able to raise interest rates on computer generated digits. It should be considered economic terrorism, shouldn't it? Banks create "money" on a computer keyboard and then charge interest on it - nice scam, eh? Then banks arbitrarily raise the cost to borrow the electronic digits, requiring you to work harder to pay them! They create electronic digits, you pay with your life. Then they scream about how they are losing money! If that's not a scam, then there is no such thing.

Here are some things that need to be in place to perpetuate the scam:
1. Miss-education
Banks influence nearly all discussion on this topic by funding, through grants and foundations, of textbooks, universities and news sources. The result is everlasting confusion for everyone plugged in to this system. Your economists can't decipher the problem because they're pugged into the system. Your politicians can't decipher it because they are glorified salespeople and are interested in influence and not solutions - especially for you. Your "experts" can't decipher it because they are not experts at all, they just like to talk and be considered smart and important - somebody signs their paycheck to spread a certain set of ideas (like the lie of inflation being caused by too much money).

2. Your ignorance
The longer you follow after the common gobbledy-guk, tangle-town, pretzel logic nonsense put out by television, radio, the university system and the beloved "experts", the longer you will be dazzled by the banks slight of hand. The magician "makes" you believe because you are ignorant of their trick. The banks make you believe their religion because they have controlled the entire game board for centuries. You break the cycle of ignorance when you decide that you are done being financially raped and shut off the flow of bad information. Then, you have to think new thoughts - get correct information. You have to be willing to let go of your programming and conditioning and examine a new way. After all, what's the real risk in thinking? You can always return to the brainwashing, right? The system will welcome you with open arms. You are being deceived by the high priests of a wicked cult religion called banking. Think that's extreme? It's engulfed the entire planet, hasn't it? It has nearly 7 Billion people entrapped in its religious rules, outstripping Christianity, Islam and Judaism, combined. It's a false religion with its temples, its books, its evangelists and its mesmerized, abused, followers. Break your conditioning and expel the debt money thinking - it's cancerous.

3. Scare tactics and boogiemen
Borrowing. Taxing. Inflation!! Oh, my! Like some primitive witch-doctor, the banks jangle these boogiemen at you to keep you off balance and scared - continual crisis mode. Why do you continue to let them scare you?

Look, your retirement is gone or will be. Social Security is gone. Your property values have been cut in half in the last few years. You are hanging on, hoping for a better day, meanwhile, the banks have record profits. Still you put your faith in these banks, politicians and experts. Why? Because they have you scared of anything else. Scared. Why not fully examine and then compare a wealth based system? Scared. Scared you may lose! You have already lost. And, you will continue to lose. To believe in this "world banking system" is to lose. To be scared, is to lose. There is no "Wizard" only a man behind the curtain - the criminals in suits. And a small number of them at that. They're not the Machiavellian social supermen they think they are. They're cowardly, evil low-lifes who harm people for money. Criminal psychopaths. Their might extends to your fear - and no further. Stop being timid, scared and easily manipulated and work for a better way. The way out? You need a wealth based money system and you need to stop being scared of these criminals.

You can see so many parallels between an abusive cult and what is going on here. You know in your heart that you are being abused under this debt money system and yet, you go back - even defend it - just like in any abusing relationship. Sort of pathetic, wouldn't you say?

So, here's how it works: You are in a world-wide, abusive, cult-like financial system that feeds off ignorance and rattles the bones of their favorite boogiemen including their all-time favorite, inflation, to get you to cower, so that they can steal more from you.