Monday, July 19, 2010

WEALTH. What Is It?

It's Simple. It's 1+1+1=3

WEALTH = Raw Resources + Labor + Ideas

A nation could base its money on wealth,
if the people make the "public servants" enact the change.

Now, the U.S. uses debt, and not wealth, for money.

Could we change?

Do we have Raw Resources?
Enough to conduct a complete value added, earth friendly, infrastructure rebuild.
Do We Have Labor?
Near record unemployment.
Do We Have Ideas?
So many great, uplifting, smart, ideas!

Then we have a functional base from which to create wealth.
Then we can change.

Pay the contractors and workers who rebuild our crumbling infrastructure in debt free, wealth based money. Replace the old and dangerous debt based money model.
It's time.

Why change to a wealth based money system?
It's legal.
It's moral.
It's necessary.
It's easy.
It solves so many problems that we face today!