Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The Pace With Which The World Changes, Quickens.

  1. As the pace of change quickens, our money supply will need to expand,
  2. As our infrastructure crumbles around us, we will need debt free funding to rebuild,
  3. As dependence on foreign oil threatens, we need a clean, cost effective answer,
  4. As Social Security faces unpayable obligations,
  5. As foreign and domestic "leaders" endanger U.S. Sovereignty with ideas like a World Currency,
  6. As the borrow / bond / tax / bailout scheme has reached runaway exponential proportions, we will need innovative answers,
  7. These answers are here, on this blog.
  8. Read it from the bottom to the top.
  9. Share it with those you know.
  10. Email us to find out what you can do to fix our economy.
  11. Don't leave it to those who brought us to this point - they don't know how to fix it.