Thursday, January 22, 2009

Social Effects, on the Family, of Unpayable Interest

Creating money as an electronic bookkeeping entry and lending it, at interest, to governments, businesses and private individuals has a social cost to the American family.

Because now, all of our money is created as loan principal, no money, to pay interest, is ever created within the system. Value and wealth can be created, but banks only take interest payments in the form of money. Therefore, merchants must continually raise prices (or lower their labor costs or use cheaper raw materials) to capture this missing ingredient - the money they need to pay interest. This is the major cause of price inflation.

Demonstrating Increasing Prices Due To Ever Increasing and Unpayable Interest Obligations

It has been estimated that 50% of the price of goods, is interest being folded into the retail price. 50%!  

What Is The Cost To The Family?

If the cost of unpayable interest were wrung out of retail prices, perhaps American families could make ends meet?  Perhaps the stress level, caused directly by unpayable debt, would become manageable? Perhaps divorce rates would decline?

What would happen if we left the debt-money system behind, in favor of an improved wealth-based money system? 

  1. Both spouses would feel the relief.
  2. There would be fewer divorces.
  3. More families would stay together.
  4. More active fathers, in the home, raising their children.
  5. Fewer behavioral problems with boys
  6. Fewer emotional problems with girls
  7. Fewer young people involved in crime, in the court system, and in the prison system.
  8. More families could make it on one job (instead of two or even three).
  9. One parent at a time could stay home with the children.
  10. Children would preform better in school.
  11. Our economy would be strengthened by a better educated workforce.
  12. Fewer jobs are outsourced to other countries.
  13. Welfare rolls drop.
  14. Families win big!
  15. America wins big!
  16. Every element of society is strengthened. 


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