Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes We Can

Congratulations Mr. President!
May God Bless America.

He has asked for our help. 

We can help.

More than any other idea or concept, Monetizing Production of Infrastructure, as described here on this blog, can help him fulfill his goal of change, help put our economy on track and lead the US and the world out of this recession, using concepts that are positive, forward thinking and pro American.  

The MTA concept of funding can:

  1. Solve the Social Security issue.
  2. Stabilize our banking system.
  3. Stimulate our economy.
  4. Create millions of jobs.
  5. Bring us closer to energy independence. 
  6. Cut taxes.
  7. Increase savings.
  8. Balance budgets.
  9. Give us safe, modern, infrastructure.
  10. Export vital technology 

It's our turn to make a difference.

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