Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stimulus Package? That's a Load of Bull.

They are proposing another "stimulus package"?
It's not a stimulus package.
It's a loan!
Borrowed money!
YOU have to pay it all back.

Plus interest.

The "interest" is the part they don't create, and where you do the work for free!

The tide (the "stimulus package") may come in - but mark it down, it will go out (when the debt comes due, you have to pay back the stimulus package) , and carry some interest with it (more than we borrowed in the first place).

In the end, we'll be worse off than we are now.

1. Stop. Stop the borrow / bond / tax / bailout cycle.
3. Immediately begin monetizing the production of our infrastructure.
4. Immediately implement the Social Security fix mentioned here.