Saturday, January 10, 2009

Land of The Free, Home of The Brave?

Has It Been Ingrained Into The Psyche of The American People?

Do you fear the bully?
Do you try to keep the bully happy, so that the next round of beatings will be more tolerable?

If you are getting robbed blind by a bully and someone brings you a solution, do you ask, "What's in it for the bully?"

I can't tell you how many people, when presented with this financial solution say this:
What's in it for the banks?

Yes.  Face it.  The American People are being bullied by the banks.  They create money out of nothing more than a promise to pay, and require you to give essentially free labor, borrow yourself into unpayable debt to pay the interest and pay ever increasing taxes, just for the privilege of using their electronic bookkeeping entry "money" - that they create on a computer keyboard!

The banks put the people into unpayable debt in order to have a medium of exchange, decide who gets money and who doesn't, contract the supply at will, causing bankruptcies and hardships to American citizens, every one of which are dependent on the banks to conduct commerce, and then ask for and receive bailouts from elected officials after 90% of the people said "no".

A psychologist may say that you had some serious "issues" if you are trying to protect the one that is trying to harm or destroy you. However they might label it - it's dysfunction.  

Don't be that person. 

Use the power gifted to you in the Constitution, by virtue of being an American, to make a change.  A change to stop the bullying and end the abuse. And don't settle for simply fewer beatings.  Stop them.  The US Constitution and the Minnesota State Constitution give you the power to change this.

If you are reading this, decide if you are part of THE LAND OF THE FREE and whether you help make it THE HOME OF THE BRAVE.