Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Earth and Wealth

The earth provides raw materials, debt free.
Crops grow, debt free.
Animals multiply, debt free.
We have the labor.
We have the innovation.
We make stuff people want and need.
We call that "production".
That's wealth.

Where is the debt in this picture?
How did the debt get into that equation?
Where did the debt come from?!

Unless we had to borrow the money.

But we DON'T have to borrow money, in order to have money - if we choose not to!
We can change.

Hope and Change, right?
Hope that we don't get crushed by this stupid debt money system.
And, change it!

Change the way that we introduce money into the system so that it does not come in as debt.
Instead, have it come in as wealth.
Debt free. Interest free. Tax free. Inflation free.
As direct funding for infrastructure.
That way everyone benefits and the debt does not grow.

With a simple law change, we can allow State Chartered banks in Minnesota to create money as an asset, not a debt.
A simple change in accounting procedure (man made) can fix this problem.

There is no debt until we borrow the fake money from banks that they do not even have!

Get this fact and get it very, very clear, - the lenders do not lend deposits.
They DO NOT lend reserves, or deposits.
Their "reserves" never leave the bank.
The deposits stay in the depositor's account.

Where does the money that banks lend come from?
They make it up.
Brand new.
"Out of whole cloth."
On a computer.
Then they lend it to you and charge you interest.

Or, they lend it to your government (ultimately, you) and charge them interest.
Then the government collects the interest from you in the form of increased taxes.
That's fare, right?

Would it be unfair if I were able to make up money on a computer and lend it to you?
Then charged you interest?
Then had laws passed that said you can only get your money from me?
Then, you find out that you can not pay your interest, because I never made any money for that.
Then I take your "stuff" that you had worked for?
Would that be unfair?
Would it?
Of course it would.
Not only that, it's theft by deception.

Why would you allow the banks to do that to your family?
Your country?

We can change it.
Our Founders left several means to right this error.
We have a State Constitution that authorizes us to make the change.
We have a State Chartered Banking System that can do the job with ease.
All we need is your support.

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