Friday, February 6, 2009

Here's a Concept

#1. Good Idea: The people do the work - they get paid.  The more wealth they produce, the wealthier our nation becomes.

#2. Bad Idea: The people do the work - the bank gets paid.  The more wealth the people produce, the deeper in debt our nation becomes. 

Our nation makes "debt" its "money"; the more money put into the system, the more debt there is.  That's bad enough, but now, the unpayable interest is threatening economic collapse. 

We can change all of that.  But only if we change the way that government pays for infrastructure.  

No more bonding / borrowing / taxing.  Simply pay the people who produce the infrastructure (wealth), with debt free money.  The infrastructure will be an asset to everyone and there is neither debt nor inflation in the equation. 

We can base our money on production of wealth rather than on debt.