Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Leadership and What Can Be Done With Debt Free Money

Our Financial Downturn is a Result of Failure in Imagination and Leadership.

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What kind of a country could we be living in if we stopped using debt as money?
We are only limited by resources (we have them!), labor (we have it!) and innovation (the US is exceptional).
We should NEVER be limited by money - we can create the money we need, based on production!

We need to shake ourselves out of the "debt mentality" coma that we have allowed ourselves to fall prey to and start dealing in wealth.
We have it.
YOU must demand it.

The answer is right here in Minnesota.
Starting with Minnesota, the US could lead the WORLD out of this economic "crisis".

We need leadership to do this.
So, lead.
I'll start.
Follow me.
If you are an elected official - lead.
If you are a voter - lead.
If you are an American - lead.
The children cannot do it.
Residents in the nursing home cannot do it.
If YOU are in between these ages - YOU"RE UP!
It's your turn to lead.