Friday, February 13, 2009

To Whom Do We Pay It??

Think About It.

The US House of Representatives passed a "Stimulus" bill.
The US Senate just passed it, and on Tuesday the President will sign it.

$790 Billion.
$1.2 Trillion when you include the interest.

A Few Questions For You:

Q: Who are we borrowing this from?  Specifically and exactly, who?  
Hint: We are NOT borrowing it "from the American People" or from "future generations". They do not have it.

Q: Do the banks actually HAVE the money we are borrowing from them or are they creating new electronic digits and lending them to our Government?  
Hint: They are not "printing" the money - do the math and see if they could print $10 Trillion.

Q: Is this money that we are borrowing, some depositors money?  Is it deposited in some banks' vault? Who has nearly $10 Trillion?  Not The United States, apparently, or we would not need to borrow it - right?

Q: Is there a $10 Trillionaire walking among us?  Since we are told that Warren Buffett, just last year, was the richest man in the world, valued at $62 Billion, it is unlikely that in a market like this, he grew his net worth over 16,129 %.  So, we know the richest man in the world does not have that money - and he would likely not loan every cent of it to a government that is reaping the fruits of a debt-money economic failure.  

So, don't you want to know where the money comes from? You will surely have to pay it back - you should want to know!

Q: How is it that the United States, who's Constitution authorizes its Congress to coin money and regulate its value, must borrow any money from anyone??

Q: Do you have an answer?  Not a slogan. Not a tired economic theory from someone who was born in the 1800s.  But, an answer.  

A: We are borrowing newly created, central bank, electronic digits, made up on a computer keyboard, deposited into accounts as digital money and all of it is debt.  

You and your children are now in direct economic slavery.

Whew!  Thank you Mr. Banker!  

It's time for our elected officials to get an education from sources other than the "experts", bankers and lawyers that have no interest in examining the current failed system for errors - an education from sources outside of the bank funded university system, on how this REALLY works.  

If you are a law maker, you need raw facts and information.  Then apply the Constitution and common sense.  

Do the work yourself.  Don't rely on someone else to explain it from their agenda driven perspective.  Eventually, you will be lied to.  Lied to about how this debt money system works. Count on that.  It has happened to me - this week - it just happened to be an attorney (surprise!) who is an elected official.  If you are not vigilant, it will happen to you.  The lie may come from someone who is sincere and dressed in a suit.  It's still a lie tough, right?  

We don't need any more lies dressed in a $5,000 suit.  We need the truth in work clothes.