Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Give 'em Watts Boys!"


The Battle of Springfield, 1780.

The fighting was fierce.

Pastors would lead the men of their church in drill and marksmanship.

Churches would come under attack.

The men ran out of wadding for their muskets.

Reverend James Caldwell went into the church and brought out hymn books.

Isaac Watts, a hymn writer (Joy To The World) had his hymns published in the books.

Reverend Caldwell ripped pages from the hymn books, to use as wadding for the muskets.

He shouted, "Give 'em Watts, Boys!"

Leadership. American Leadership.

This painting hangs in Washington D.C.

In case pastors, reverends, priests, rabbis need some solid footing to address this issue. Here is a start - in the true American tradition:

NEHEMIAH Chapter 5


MATTHEW 21:12, 13

MARK 12:31