Friday, February 20, 2009


There Are Talking Heads In The Media That Can Mislead YOU.

Most of them are just ill-informed.
Some of them are just trying to figure things out.
Some might be doing it with intent.  Intentionally telling lies. 
In the end, it does not matter.
I am not concerned with their motivation or intent.

Here's how to identify those who mislead.  How to tell when you are being misinformed.

MISINFORMATION ARTISTS have a language.  If you hear these things, beware of the tainted information:

1. "Print Money."  
If they are talking AT ALL about printing money - disregard their information.  Paper currency is printed.  Very little of our money is paper.  The VAST majority of it is electronic bookkeeping entries.  The game takes place in computers - at the banks. After all, if they just print it, why does the debt grow?

2. "Too Much Money."
If they say that inflation is caused primarily by too much money, they are misleading you.  The problem is not too much money.  The Problem is too much debt.  

3. "Wheelbarrow full of money."
Those who mention this are prone to parroting slogans and myth.  It did happen in Germany and is happening now in Zimbabwe.  Scan this blog to find out why.  It's not why they say it happened.

4. "Hyperinflation" Without Discussing Triple Digit Interest Rates 
Same as #3.

5. "Banks Don't Create Money"
At least false.  At worst a lie.  Banks do create new money every time they make a loan.  If they say "banks don't create money" or "banks loan out depositors money", they are misleading you.

Beware of myth and misinformation.