Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why Desalination Plants Should Be Funded - Now.

California, listen up.
Stop rationing water to farms.
That is insanity. 
Famine follows drought.

The farms in this country better be rolling at peak efficiency - and that means they need water.

Why are we rationing water? 
Because our "leaders" lack imagination, vision and guts.  It's always easier to do what you've always done.  And that is just what they are doing. After all, "I can't do anything new or different - what if I'm wrong??"

Deploy new ideas before the perfect storm of short on money, short on water, unpayable debt, giant trade deficit, growing unemployment, decreasing revenues, and broken financial system hits all at once.

Most calamities are a combination of errors and malfunctions.  We should be moving to avoid this - not doing the same old thing.  Trying to borrow our way out of debt is the same old thing. 

We need clean water to live.
Our farms need it to grow food.
Are we short of water?  No.
How much water do we have? 70.78% of the earth's surface.
Of course much of that is salt water.
We can deal with that.

Or, are we just short of money?

The US Constitution recognizes Congress's power to create money - debt free - for infrastructure. Banks create money every day, except they do it as a loan. That always makes things worse. With passage of SF705 & HF888, Minnesota would allow State Banks to create debt free money for infrastructure. Tax free, interest free, inflation free.  The debt and tax load would not grow and the people of Minnesota would have modern high tech infrastructure that would be the standard for the world to follow.

Demand that our legislature make the changes that we need so that we can fund these most obviously necessary infrastructure enhancements. Our state and our country will be wealthier for it!  Jobs will be created, households, business, banks and farms will be stabilized. We need a back up system for water and the US could export technology in this area. 

How dry is it? CLICK HERE

The US should adopt a Desalination Project and directly fund arrays of desalination plants on both coasts and in the Gulf, onshore and offshore, using the principles of the MTA. 

This is a matter of National Security.

If you don't like the level of technology that is currently available - fund development.

We need to break ourselves of the cult-like mentality of "we can only do what the banks allow" and "we can only go as far as we can borrow".  Dump the borrow mindset, when it comes to infrastructure. Instead, monetize the production of infrastructure. That way, the more we improve our infrastructure by producing wealth, the wealthier we become, as new debt free money flows in to pay for this new asset. Instead of like we do it now - the deeper in debt we become.

Cult members will often follow blindly - to their own destruction. Break free from the mental bondage that will only allow you to think of money that is borrowed.  

Minnesota can lead the way by passing The Minnesota Transportation Act. This will allow State Chartered Banks to correct an accounting glitch and allow for the State of Minnesota to fund infrastructure rebuilds directly, in lieu of taxes or bonding.  No money shortage.  No waiting for Federal Funds.  No encroachment on State's Rights.

If you do nothing and our economy is slow to recover or worse, and we have a bad year or two in the fields - who will you blame?

ABOVE: Concept of a near shore Desalination Plant

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