Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Boogieman! Hyperinflation.


Everyone is talking about
it's possible arrival
in the U.S. economy.

If hyperinflation happens it will NOT happen because:

1. The Federal Reserve is "printing" too much money.

It prints none - it loans electronic digits at interest (your labor).

The Federal Reserve prints no money. The U.S. Government through the Bureau of Engraving and Printing does. The Federal Reserve buys the newly printed notes from the government at less than a nickle per note. What?? The Federal Reserve buys a $100 bill for less then a nickle? Fact.

Most of our money is in electronic form anyway and the money you see rolling off the printing presses is to replace worn out notes coming out of circulation. You get shown a steady diet of the printing press to keep you from thinking about how things really work - electronically. If you realized how silly it is that they type "1,000,000,000" into a computer and then tell you that you are now $1 Million Dollars in debt. If they showed the computer entries instead of the printing press, you would then realize that they are not loaning out granny's savings account when you take out a home loan, instead they are making new money, on the spot, on the computer. If they can do it that easily to put us into debt, then they can do it to get us out of debt. Come on people - computer keystrokes. they make it up, out of nothing (except a promise to pay or a threat of taxes) whenever they want, however much they want, and then bill it to you, at interest. I am not sure if they actually call us "sapps" anymore, or if it's just a given. Either way, they have found their "mark" and they are milking us dry. And, as long as you say nothing - WHY SHOULD THEY STOP UNTIL YOU ARE ALL FLAT BROKE? Why would they? Why should they?

The U.S. Government also may print some government securities. The Federal Reserve can buy them (whether in paper or electronic form) with A CHECK WRITTEN ON ITSELF! (yes, read it again). The system they use is called Open Market Operations.

The Federal Reserve can just "make up" the money to buy these securities. When they do, it puts the U.S. Government (you and your family and friends) into debt and requires that you pay taxes to buy back the matured securities from the Federal Reserve (or whomever holds them when they mature).

QUESTION: When you have to pay your taxes to the Federal Reserve (through the IRS) to buy back this debt (or service the interest), can you just make up the money (like they do) to do it? What? No?? You mean you actually have to work for it? Trade your time? Trade your life for payment of the made-up money? Wow. Think about it.

So, let's get this straight: The Federal Reserve just makes up money on the computer, to buy securities, that put you in debt, and you have to trade your property (time, money) to get out of debt, and eventually, they end up with all the property?
Nice. Sounds fair, right?
More please!

2. There's too much money chasing too few goods.
Who has too much money? Do you? Maybe the US? Maybe Greece? Of Course Africa and Latin America are awash with money - right? Oh, wait. No, they are drowning in debt. That's like... negative money.

The problem is not that we have too much money, it's that we have NO wealth based money; only debt based money. Big difference.

3. The same thing happened in Weimar Germany, Argentina and Zimbabwe!
Pure and utter lies.
Hyperinflation happened because banks manipulated interest rates to unpayable levels.

4. It's inevitable.
We can fix it.