Thursday, April 8, 2010

Debt Fears? You Had Better Be Scared!

What Did You Expect?
If you continue to allow your government to use bank created debt for money, and you have "debt fears", prepare for a lifetime of financial fear.


Use some common sense. If you want a strong economy, you need 3 things:

1. Debt free money.
Money can enter the economy 3 ways:
a) Loaned In. b) Gifted In. c) Spent In.
Option C is best.
No borrowing. Constitutional. Financially sound. Leads to prosperity and liberty.

2. Transportation infrastructure.
Even if you are trading beads from your tent to mine, you need a path (transportation infrastructure) to make it happen. Transportation of goods to the market is essential. Transportation infrastructure is necessary to conduct commerce.

3. Employment and innovation.
We could do a complete infrastructure rebuild that is both high tech and gentle on the environment. Pay the contractors and workers in real, debt free money - not borrowed from banks, but spent in by each state. NO Debt. Mega jobs. Huge tech boom. Better lives. Increased savings. Stabilized economy.

Use Your Head.
Don't Be A Parrot.
Think For Yourself.