Thursday, April 15, 2010

Are you FREE? Or are you a SERF? Or are you a SLAVE?


Serf - At least 20% of your labor or income plus a land rent or tax to the "nobles".
A SERF would often have to work three or four days a week for the lord as rent. They would spend the rest of their week growing crops to feed their families. Other serfs worked as sharecroppers. A sharecropper would be required to turn over most of what he grew in order to be able to live on the land.

A serf differs from a freeman (the other variety of peasant) in that he is bound to a plot of land. A serf is required to have his lords permission to leave the land, where a free peasant may go as they please.

Slave - 50% + of your labor or income and you own nothing outright - including your own body.
WORD HISTORY The derivation of the word slave encapsulates a bit of European history and explains why the two words slaves and Slavs are so similar; they are, in fact, historically identical. The word slavefirst appears in English around 1290, spelled sclave. The spelling is based on Old French esclave from Medieval Latin sclavus, "Slav, slave," first recorded around 800. Sclavus comes from Byzantine Greeksklabos (pronounced sklävōs) "Slav," which appears around 580. Sklavos approximates the Slavs' own name for themselves, the Slověnci, surviving in English Slovene and Slovenian. The spelling of English slave,closer to its original Slavic form, first appears in English in 1538. Slavs became slaves around the beginning of the ninth century when the Holy Roman Empire tried to stabilize a German-Slav frontier. By the 12th century stabilization had given way to wars of expansion and extermination that did not end until the Poles crushed the Teutonic Knights at Grunwald in 1410. • As far as the Slavs' own self-designation goes, its meaning is, understandably, better than "slave"; it comes from the Indo-European root *kleu-,whose basic meaning is "to hear" and occurs in many derivatives meaning "renown, fame." The Slavs are thus "the famous people." Slavic names ending in -slav incorporate the same word, such as Czech Bohu-slav, "God's fame," Russian Msti-slav, "vengeful fame," and Polish Stani-slaw, "famous for withstanding (enemies)." -

In 1913, Americans allowed the Federal Reserve Act and the Federal Income Tax. It was in that year that American's entry into incremental slavery became overt Federal policy.

Your time (your life) is traded for your labor.
Your labor is traded for a medium of exchange (commonly called "money").
Your time+labor is your "property".
Whomever has first claim to property, owns that property.
Any entity that has first claim to your property, through taxing of wages and profits, through taxing your means of production (your land, your house, your farm, your factory, your business), and collection of land rents (property taxes), is the real owner.
Whomever has the power to tax you, owns you.
If you work for an owner who keeps your property, you are a slave.
So, who owns you?

You may have a current generation cell phone, fashionable accessories, a nice vehicle, a comfortable house, but, if you can be taxed and controlled by the real owner - you are a slave.

We are told "Land of The Free and Home of The Brave".
Is that real, or is that a convenient illusion?
A scam?
A con?
A way to control the minds of the American People?

Controlling the slaves is a key to slavery. Controlling them with the whip is entry-level; for thugs; for two-bit novice tyrants. Controlling them in such a way that they will a) not know they are being controlled b) love that they are being controlled c) fight for their controllers d) ridicule those who alert them to their enslavement - is Mastery.

Have you been Mastered?

A government that can create its own money need not tax its people.

All taxes are obsolete and could be repealed and replaced by monetizing the production of infrastructure and the use of import tariffs.

Tariffs manage the advantage that other countries have when they use slave labor and dump their cheap products into our markets - this drives down wages. Therefore, Americans can maintain a higher standard of living and keep jobs here at home through the correct use of tariffs and retooling manufacturing at home, to make the things that Americans need (this new manufacturing can be quite gentile on the environment).

If you want freedom and liberty, you need to own your own labor and property.
You can do this by, first, passing this into law.

Anything short of owning your own property is slavery
and invites the worst kinds of tyranny.