Sunday, April 11, 2010

Food Stamps. For a Stronger America!


Now, that's a great record to brag about - right?
If I were a politician, I would certainly brag, and be extremely proud about
half of the children in our country being on Food Stamps.
Oh, and I'd never think about a real solution to the problem.
Just keep the people poor and enslaved.
And then talk about what a good job I am doing to help the "little guy".

Oh, and don't forget to brag about how you help Black People in our country!

And a minimum of 32% abortion rate.

My congratulations to those who run the big cities in the U.S..
Well done.

Really, you should be ashamed.
Dealing treacherously with the American People.
Posing and lying.

One day there will be an audit.
It won't be of the Federal Reserve either.
What will happen to you when you have to give an account for this mammoth, damaging fraud.

Fix it.
How about you open up the economy and give these families the jobs they need.
  • We need to rebuild the infrastructure of our country.
  • We have the people who need work.
  • We have the raw materials.
  • We have the innovation and technology.
  • Infrastructure can support a currency - production matches new money.
  • New debt free money can be created to pay for the infrastructure without taxing, borrowing or bonding.
  • Just pass the laws and get it done!
Here's the law you need passed:

We need it in Minnesota - We need it in YOUR STATE TOO!